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Epoxy Coating Powders for Industrial and Electronics Use
Smartcard Tapes and Materials that Play Well Together
Specialty Chemicals And Waxes At Even More Special Prices.
Brand-Name Quality Materials at Off-Brand-Name Prices.

CAPLINQ Semiconductor

CAPLINQ’s start was in the semiconductor industry when this was a big business in Europe and the Americas. CAPLINQ supplies anti-static films, wafer-dicing and other specialty tapes and more recently solder spheres to customers that are still active in the semiconductor industry. Furthermore, CAPLINQ supplies Smartcard glass-epoxy substrates, die attach and interleaver films.
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CAPLINQ Industrial

CAPLINQ progressed into the industrial business by finding uses for our existing products into new applications. Leveraging our logisitics aptitude, we added SolEpoxy in 2010, and currently supply more than 300MT of industrial grade mold compound per year into Europe.
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CAPLINQ Consumer

Over the years, CAPLINQ has built up a core competence in technical sales, and logistics expertise that in 2012, we decided to turn our attention to the consumer market. Again, by leveraging our logistics expertise and our online brand, we are bringing a broader range of products to a wider audience.
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Solder Spheres R Us!

CAPLINQ supplies an array of lead-containing and lead-free solder spheres used in semiconductor production and BGA repair applications.
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Can you tell the difference?

Then why pay the price difference? CAPLINQ understands that you when you say "cheap" you are referring to the price, not the product quality. So when is a generic brand good enough?
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U$D vs. the €uro?

CAPLINQ has distribution centers in both Europe and the Americas. Depending on your shipping address, we ship our products from one of these two distribution centers. Regardless of the destination however, we normally always charge in USD. Why?
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Warehouses on two Continents

CAPLINQ has warehouses and distribution centers in both Canada and the Netherlands. The Canadian warehouse is based outside of Ottawa and serves the Americas and the Netherlands warehouse is based outside of Amsterdam and serves customers based throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
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Search Engine Optimization probably got you here

If you are not already a customer, odds are you have never heard of us. We pride ourselves on being good behind the scenes and letting Google introduce you to our products.
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Product Filters and Selection Tools get you what you Need

Once on the site, you will quickly find that we have many search and filter tools to quickly guide you to the right products. Furthermore, we publish our technical datasheets and Materials Safety Datasheets online for easy access.
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Warehousing on 2 Continents and Global Shipping

CAPLINQ has cutting edge logistics and distribution systems that allow us to ship, custom clear and finally deliver the product to you cheaper and faster than either our customers or suppliers.
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