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Over the years, CAPLINQ has built up a core competence in technical sales and logistics expertise.
CAPLINQ progressed into the industrial business by finding uses for our existing products into new applications.
CAPLINQ’s start was in the semiconductor industry when this was a big business in Europe and the Americas.

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CAPLINQ offers a range of specialty chemicals, tapes and films and cleaners.

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CAPLINQ Introduces CHEMLINQ Mold Cleaners and Conditioners
Did you know that some of the most common molding defects can be avoided by simply cleaning and conditioning your molds properly? With high tooling costs and crazy lead times, investing in injection...
Applications for Solder spheres
A solder sphere is a ball of solder that ensures the bond between the chip package and the printed circuit board. CAPLINQ takes pride in offering one of the highest quality solder spheres at some...
Mold Conditioners for Thermosets and Thermoplastics
Mold conditioner is a chemical that is used to prevent other materials from bonding to the surfaces. They act as an obstruction between surfaces facilitating the separation of a cured part of the...


Brexit: REACH Substance Registration transfer from UK manufacturer/importer to EU Only Representative
The "leave date" of the UK has been pushed out until 12 April 2019. If you are a manufacturer or formulator in the UK, you are advised to transfer your substance registrations to a European Only...
This one example illustrates the advantage of CAPLINQ's order fulfillment service and how it saves you money on custom clearance
We recently received an email from a potential customer inquiring about the Fiscal Representation service as part of the inbound shipping service CAPLINQ offers for order fulfillment. The question...
Effect of Brexit on REACH registrations & Only Representation
A customer recently asked us, "I have UK-based customers, what are the consequences of Brexit for my REACH registrations?" This is a very good question indeed, for which we can offer the...


George Kountardas joins CAPLINQ as Product Manager
I am happy to announce that effective May 13th, 2019, George Kountardas will join CAPLINQ’s Team as our new Product Manager. Working full time out of our offices in Heemskerk, Netherlands,...
Ginta Grinfelde joins CAPLINQ as Inside Sales Administrator
I am happy to announce that effective May 5th, 2019, Ginta Grinfelde will join CAPLINQ’s Sales Team as our new Inside Sales Administrator. Working full time out of our offices in Heemskerk,...
My sales internship at Caplinq | Kim van Leeuwen
My name is Kim van Leeuwen and I am a sales intern at Caplinq Europe. I am studying Junior account management and International Vocational Studies (IVS) at Nova College. In this blog, I am going to...