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BCP-1504 | Medium voltage Busbar Coating Powder

Harmonization Code : 3907.30.00.90 |   Polyacetals, other polyethers and epoxide resins, in primary forms; polycarbonates, alkyd resins, polyallyl esters and other polyesters, in primary forms : Epoxide resins : Other
Main features
  • Blue Color
  • Excellent adhesion to copper
  • RTI Class B

Product Description

LINQSOL BCP-1504 is a blue, busbar epoxy coating powder. This halogen free material offers good adhesion, good heat and moisture resistance, and excellent electrical insulation properties. It is widely applied in various low and medium voltage busbar applications as an insulation and moisture-proof protective layer.

LINQSOL BCP-1504 exhibits excellent resistance to heat vibration and mechanical shock. Its excellent adhesion to copper, allows it to eliminate the air gap between busbar and insulation layer and to avoid potential safety hazards. This coating powder's excellent thermal conductivity, can transfer away the heat released by the busbar in time, and increase the service life of the busbar. Finally it is environmentally friendly with flame retardant properties and complies with RoHS directive requirements.

This busbar insulation epoxy powder allows high production efficiency thanks to its fast curing characteristics. It can be applied by fluidized bed dip coating and thermal spraying, while it can also be coated by electrostatic spraying (60-80KV). Time and temperature are the main parameters that would affect its curing process.

Recommended coating Temperature:

  • 180 – 240 °C. (200 °C x 15 min)
Product Family
15Kg box

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Technical Specifications

General Properties
Chemistry Type Epoxy
The color
Process Method Fluidized Bed or Electrostatic Spray
Specific Gravity
Specific Gravity
Specific gravity (SG) is the ratio of the density of a substance to the density of a reference substance; equivalently, it is the ratio of the mass of a substance to the mass of a reference substance for the same given volume.

For liquids, the reference substance is almost always water (1), while for gases, it is air (1.18) at room temperature. Specific gravity is unitless.
Shelf Life
Shelf Life
Shelf life is the amount of time after manufacturing that a product is guaranteed to retain its properties.

It differs vastly per product and it is based on temperature and storage conditions.

The properties can be guaranteed for the temperature and time range indicated on the TDS since those are the ones tested to be the best for the product.
Shelf Life @ 25°C 183 days
Electrical Properties
Dielectric Constant
Dielectric Constant
Dielectric Constant (k), commonly known as relative permittivity, is a number relating the ability of a material to carry alternating current to the ability of vacuum to carry alternating current.

It determines the ability of an insulator to store electrical energy and is the ratio of electric permeability in vacuum against the electric permeability of a material.

The lower the dielectric constant (κ) and dissipation factor, the less energy is absorbed from an electric field, making it a much better insulator.

It is a dimensionless property that can be affected by various factors such as the
thickness uniformity of a material, insufficient contact between the sample and electrodes, water adsorption and contact resistance.
Dielectric Constant @ 23 ˚C/1 kHz 3.5
Volume Resistivity
Volume Resistivity
Volume resistivity, also called volume resistance, bulk resistance or bulk resistivity is a thickness dependent measurement of the resistivity of a material perpendicular to the plane of the surface.
3.7x1015 Ohms⋅cm
Thermal Properties
UL94 Rating
Flammability V0
Other Properties
RoHS Compliant
RoHS Compliant
RoHS is a product level compliance based on a European Union Directive which restricts the Use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS).

Products compliant with this directive do not exceed the allowable amounts of the following restricted materials: lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE), with some limited exemptions

Additional Information


Store in a ventilated, dry, and clean environment below 25°C. Keep away from fire and heat sources. It is strictly forbidden to store in outdoor environments. At proper storage conditions, the product has a shelf life of 6 months.



  • Avoid long-term skin contact. Powder that touched the skin should be rinsed off quickly.
  • During operation dust-proof masks should be used to avoid inhalation.
  • Keep the oven temperature stable, so as not to affect the colour and quality of the coating due to excessive temperature deviation.
  • The concentration of dust should be controlled within a safe range to avoid malfunction of the coating equipment.