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Bismaleimide (BMI)

Bismaleimides or BMI resins are a class of thermosets that offer some significant advantages over other thermoset materials including epoxies, urethanes, polyester and phenolics.

CAPLINQ offers imide-extended BMIs

Unlike other suppliers, CAPLINQ offers unique imide-extended BMI or X-BMI's which have polyimides, dianhydrides and diamines as their backbone. Though not often used on their own, bismaleimides are more often blended with reactive co-monomers to produce unique material properties including

very low cure shrinkage, low stress, hydrophobic and very thermally stable thermosets.

Please continue to our Learn More section to learn more about what makes our BMI resins unique and how our imide-extended bismaleimides can allow you to formulate unique high-value formulations.

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