Factors affecting velostat price

Factors affecting Velostat price and other volume conductive film

Cus­tomers always want to know “Can I get this LINQSTAT Vol­ume Con­duc­tive Film (a 3M Velo­stat* Alter­na­tive) any cheap­er?” At first glance it seems like a sales­man­’s worst night­mare, but when you turn the ques­tion to the process engi­neer­ing team with­in the pro­duc­tion depart­ment, you get a whole dif­fer­ent reac­tion. So whether you are using our LINQSTAT mate­r­i­al, or Velo­stat — here are tips on get­ting a bet­ter Velo­stat price.

You sure can!” is the reply I got recent­ly from a process engi­neer. Upon fur­ther dis­cus­sion, he gave me some tips that I have includ­ed here as a guide­lines. Hope­ful­ly they serve oth­ers as well as they have served me.

It turns out that the price of the LINQSTAT vol­ume con­duc­tive film are heav­i­ly influ­enced by two spe­cif­ic attrib­ut­es of the roll and there is one attribute that has mar­gin­al effect on the prod­uct cost. These three ele­ments are as follows:

  1. The thick­ness of the roll
  2. The length of the roll and
  3. The width of the roll (ie. the slit­ting of the rolls)

LINQSTAT or Velostat Price is Affected by Roll Thickness

The most pop­u­lar thick­ness for the rolls of vol­ume con­duc­tive film is 4mil (102µm), but this nor­mal­ly makes it only the most read­i­ly avail­able, not nec­es­sar­i­ly the cheap­est. 2 mil (50µm) and 3mil (76µm) film thick­ness­es are also pos­si­ble, and since the prod­uct (and the ship­ping costs) are depen­dent on the amount of mate­r­i­al used, 2mil and 3mil will be cheap­er than the 4 mil.

Though you will need to con­tact us for an actu­al quo­ta­tion, a close approx­i­ma­tion is that the 3mil thick LINQSTAT will be about 10% cheap­er than the 4mil thick ver­sion and the 2 mil is about 15% cheap­er than the 4mil thick version.

Yes, some of the prop­er­ties will vary depend­ing on the thick­ness used, but if you can test a thin­ner ver­sion and it works for you, then start enjoy­ing the savings.

LINQSTAT or Velostat Price is Affected by Roll Length

The load­ing and unload­ing of the rolls is a man­u­al process, but once the machine is run­ning, there are very few extra costs asso­ci­at­ed and the dis­counts that CAPLINQ gets from this can be passed on direct­ly to the customer.

Assum­ing you need to have 150′ (46m) lengths, you will pay a pre­mi­um to have them deliv­ered in such (rel­a­tive­ly) short lengths. In widths wider than a cou­ple inch­es, these rolls can also be sup­plied in lengths up to 1500’ (457m). Grant­ed that these lengths can be more cum­ber­some to han­dle, but if the oper­a­tors and machines can han­dle it, why not take the savings.

To give you an idea, (though again you should con­tact a sales rep­re­sen­ta­tive for an offi­cial quo­ta­tion), a 1500’ roll is about 35% cheap­er than a 150′ roll of the same prod­uct. Ele­ments to con­sid­er for this are the load­ing and unload­ing of the rolls, the indi­vid­ual cores need­ed for each roll (and end caps) and indi­vid­ual pack­ag­ing of the rolls in sta­t­ic-free bags.

Example for rolls of 9″ wide (229mm) x 0.004″ (102µm) thick Linqstat

To give you a bet­ter idea of what we’re talk­ing about let me give you an exam­ple to show you the differences:

LINQSTAT VCF Roll Dimen­sions 9” (229mm) Wide X 0.004” (102µm) Thick
Roll Length Roll Diam­e­ter Roll Weight Approx. Sav­ings
150′ (45.7m) 4.5″ (108 mm) 4 lbs (1.6 kgs) 0%
750′ (229m) 7.5″ (191 mm) 15 lbs (6.8 kgs) 15%
1500’ (457m) 10″ (254 mm) 28 lbs (12.7 kgs) 35%

Of course, if 1500’ is not pos­si­ble, you can go short­er (750′, 500′ or even 250′) and there will be a lit­tle sav­ings in each roll length longer than the orig­i­nal 150′.

LINQSTAT or Velostat Price is Affected by Roll Width (ie. the slitting of the rolls)

As it turns out, there is very lit­tle effect on pric­ing if the roll widths are longer or short­er. The slit­ting time is rel­a­tive­ly short and does not play a large roll in deter­min­ing the final prod­uct price.

* 3M is a reg­is­tered trade­mark of 3M Cor­po­ra­tion. Velo­stat is a trade­mark of 3M Cor­po­ra­tion. Nei­ther is affil­i­at­ed with this site.

CAPLINQ is a spe­cial­ty plas­tics sup­pli­er offer­ing a range of con­duc­tive mate­ri­als includ­ing our broad range of elec­tri­cal­ly con­duc­tive plas­tics and anti­sta­t­ic tapes and films. If you have any ques­tions, please don’t hes­i­tate to con­tact us to find out how we can help you with oth­er fac­tors that may affect the Velo­stat price.

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2 thoughts on “Factors affecting Velostat price and other volume conductive film

  1. we are look­ing for alter­na­tive to 3m Velo­stat Prod­uct 1704, Elec­tri­cal­ly con­duc­tive film, for use in explo­sive man­u­fac­tur­ing of Sol­id Propellant;
    Kind­ly sug­gest a euqi­va­lent prod­uct from Lin­q­S­tat and also send catalogue/test cer­tifi­cates of the product

  2. Lin­q­s­tat is very often used as an alter­na­tive to Velo­stat prod­ucts. Lin­q­s­tat has a sim­i­lar com­po­si­tion and pro­vides sim­i­lar con­duc­tive qual­i­ties. We do not have an exact replace­ment for the Velo­stat 1704, but depend­ing on your spe­cif­ic require­ments I can sug­gest the best alter­na­tive. For basic comparison:
    Sim­i­lar in vol­ume con­duc­tiv­i­ty: MVCF-8S50K-Series
    Sim­i­lar in sur­face resis­tiv­i­ty: MVCF-4S50K-Series

    If you want to know the best alter­na­tive for your appli­ca­tion please send us an email with more details.

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