Fingerprint sensors market to double by 2024

The fin­ger­print sen­sor mar­ket has been steadi­ly expand­ing. The emer­gence of fin­ger­print unlock for smart­phones and lap­tops, the high adop­tion rates among gov­ern­ments and the emer­gence of bio­met­ric smart cards for bank­ing, finan­cial ser­vices and insur­ance (BFSI) appli­ca­tions are the key dri­vers of mar­ket growth.

Sales of fin­ger­print sen­sors are pro­ject­ed to gen­er­ate $3.5 bil­lion in 2019, and then rise dra­mat­i­cal­ly at a 15.3 per­cent CAGR to $7.1 bil­lion by 2024, accord­ing to a new report from Mar­kets and Mar­kets. Capac­i­tive sen­sors are expect­ed to remain the lead­ing sen­sor type, while the largest size of this growth aug­men­ta­tion will unsur­pris­ing­ly come from the Smart­phone indus­try and end-use con­sumer elec­tron­ics applications. 

The region with the largest share of the glob­al mar­ket will be Asia-Pacif­ic, accord­ing to the “Fin­ger­print Sen­sor Mar­ket” report. That does­n’t mean that the Euro­pean mar­ket is plan­ning to lag behind. LOCTITE ABLESTIK ABP 6892 has been already qual­i­fied as a Fin­ger­print Card sen­sor inlay in bio­met­ric bank cards while lead­ing man­u­fac­tur­ing com­pa­nies have already received orders for pre-pro­duc­tion runs and cus­tomer tri­als. Every­one is prepar­ing for mar­ket adop­tion and boom. 

LOCTITE ABLESTIK ABP 6892 non-con­duc­tive die attach paste was designed to be used for fin­ger­print sen­sors. With its low stress and robust mechan­i­cal prop­er­ties, it is tar­get­ed for appli­ca­tions that require the bond­ing of fin­ger­print sen­sors in cred­it cards (such as VISA, Mas­ter­card and Amer­i­can Express), bank cards or oth­er cards that require a sec­ondary authen­ti­ca­tion process. Sen­sors and devices using the ABP 6892 die bond­ing mate­r­i­al will have a greater resis­tance to delam­i­na­tion and over­all improve­ment in pack­age reliability.

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