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Fiscal Representation In Europe — Bring Products To EU

There are cer­tain busi­ness activ­i­ties like trad­ing chem­i­cals and goods into Europe that require the reports like Intra­stat, sales, and a local VAT registration.

Many coun­tries per­mit for­eign busi­ness­es to reg­is­ter direct­ly with the tax office. How­ev­er, under some con­di­tions, the tax author­i­ties require a com­pa­ny to have fis­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tion in Europe, i.e., their coun­try. And, if you are look­ing to ship and import your goods into the Euro­pean Union; it requires a fis­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tive who under­stands the Euro­pean reg­u­la­tions on VAT.

There are two types of Fis­cal Rep­re­sen­ta­tion: Gen­er­al and Lim­it­ed.

Gen­er­al Fis­cal Rep­re­sen­ta­tion takes away all the VAT issues as the Fis­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tive is respon­si­ble for all VAT duties. Lim­it­ed rep­re­sen­ta­tion is lim­it­ed to act on behalf of the for­eign com­pa­ny for the import with­out pay­ing VAT.

Read how CAPLINQ’s Fis­cal Rep­re­sen­ta­tion in Europe helps you to get your prod­ucts into the Euro­pean Union.

Helps you with VAT sub­mis­sion dur­ing imports

VAT is a spe­cif­ic type of tax that is applied in the Euro­pean Union. Accord­ing to their reg­u­la­tions, the busi­ness should have a cer­tain type of estab­lish­ment with­in EU.

Our fis­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tion in Europe ser­vice takes care of the pay­ment of VAT, pre­sen­ta­tion of VAT returns due to the author­i­ties by sub­mit­ting the Intra­stat Euro­pean Sales statements.

Reduc­tion of the admin­is­tra­tive costs

There is no deny­ing the fact that fis­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tion has many advan­tages than just the reg­is­tra­tion of for­eign supplier.

By using the Fis­cal Rep­re­sen­ta­tion In Europe ser­vice, the cost of sup­ply­ing prod­ucts in Europe will be cheap­er and faster. Not only this, you also get many finan­cial advan­tages as you don’t need to finance VAT.

You just have to inform the cus­toms one time, and after that, the for­eign sup­pli­er takes whole admin­is­tra­tion and out­sources it.

Allows you to apply reverse-charge mechanism

As a for­eign busi­ness trad­er, you can apply the reverse charge mech­a­nism for the import if you appoint a fis­cal representative.

It makes you liable for com­ply­ing with all the oblig­a­tions and saves you funds for extra insurance.

With the help of CAPLINQ’s Fis­cal ser­vice, your busi­ness is insured and will have a stand­ing tex deposit with the tax authorities.

To learn more regard­ing the fis­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tion in Europe, vis­it You can also con­tact us if you have ques­tions regard­ing the CAPLINQ’s order ful­fill­ment ser­vices.

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