How thick is Polyimide Tape?

Poly­imide Tape (the gener­ic ver­sion of Dupont© Kap­ton Tape), typ­i­cal­ly comes in var­i­ous poly­imide thick­ness­es. These thick­ness­es are gen­er­al­ly labelled as 1‑mil, 2‑mil, 3‑mil or even 5‑mil thick poly­imide tape. Each of these vari­a­tions serves dif­fer­ent pur­pos­es and is there­fore used for dif­fer­ent appli­ca­tions. Of course, the thick­er the poly­imide film used, the more expen­sive the tape too.

Each lay­er has a thick­ness and the sum of these thick­ness­es makes up the total tape thickness.

What is often mis­un­der­stood by cus­tomers is what exact­ly “1‑mil thick” poly­imide tape implies. Cus­tomers are not sure whether “1‑mil” (25µm) thick poly­imide tape refers to the poly­imide film thick­ness or the total thick­ness, since ulti­mate­ly poly­imide tape is made up of both the poly­imide film lay­er plus the sil­i­cone adhe­sive lay­er (read more about why we believe in sil­i­cone-based tapes here).

Polyimide Kapton Tape Silicone Build

As can be seen in the pho­to (click to enlarge), poly­imide tape is made­up of two dis­tinct layers:

  1. The poly­imide (kap­ton) film layer
  2. The adhe­sive (sil­i­cone) layer

Each lay­er has a thick­ness and the sum of these thick­ness­es makes up the total tape thickness.

The Polyimide (Kapton) Film Layer

This is the lay­er that is spec­i­fied in the prod­uct descrip­tion. For exam­ple, 1‑mil tape (referred to as LINQTAPE PIT1 by CAPLINQ) has a poly­imide film lay­er of 1 mil (25µm). Sim­i­lar­ly, 2‑mil tape has a poly­imide film lay­er of 2 mil (50µm), 3‑mil tape has a poly­imide film lay­er of 3 mil (75µm) and so on. This is in fact the lay­er that deter­mines the thick­ness used in the description.

The Adhesive (Silicone) Layer

This is the lay­er of sil­i­cone adhe­sive applied to the back­side of the poly­imide (kap­ton) film. Though this lay­er thick­ness can vary, the stan­dard aver­age thick­ness is 1.6 mil (40um). Of course, there is some vari­a­tion in this adhe­sive thick­ness and the thick­ness can actu­al­ly range between 35µm — 45µm (1.4 — 1.8 mil) though his­tor­i­cal data sug­gests that the actu­al range is betweeen 40µm — 45µm (1.6 — 1.8 mil). For all intents and pur­pos­es, 1.6 mil (40µm) can be used as the sil­i­cone adhe­sive lay­er thickness.

Of course, this assumes sin­gle sided poly­imide (Kap­ton) tape. Since CAPLINQ also sup­plies dou­ble-sided Poly­imide (Kap­ton) Tape (referred to as LINQTAPE PITD2 by CAPLINQ) this tape would have adhe­sive lay­ers on both sides of the poly­imide film lay­er in fact dou­bling the adhe­sive thick­ness of the dou­ble-side poly­imide tape from 1.6 mil (40µm) to 3.2 mil (80µm).

The total thick­ness is then the sum of these two lay­ers. For exam­ple, as can be inferred by the name, LINQTAPE PITD1 is 1‑mil dou­ble-sided poly­imide (kap­ton) tape that has a poly­imide film lay­er of 1 mil (25µm) and two adhe­sive lay­ers of 1.6 mil (40µm) each for a total thick­ness of 4.1 mil (25µm + 40µm + 40µm = 105µm) . Like­wise, 1‑mil (LINQTAPE PIT1) tape has a total thick­ness of 2.6 mil (65µm), 2‑mil (LINQTAPE PIT2) tape has a total thick­ness of 3.5 mil (90µm), and so on.

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4 thoughts on “How thick is Polyimide Tape?

  1. Poly­imide tape (Kap­ton) is a very rigid mate­r­i­al and can sup­port a great deal of com­pres­sion. Even a heavy com­pres­sion like the one men­tioned above will do lit­tle to reduce the thick­ness of a poly­imide tape. This is par­tic­u­lar­ly true of thin­ner (ie. 1 mil or 25um) Poly­imide Tape backing.

    This being said, the adhe­sive will see some dis­place­ment, and will make up most of the thick­ness reduction. 

    As with most bond­ing appli­ca­tions under pres­sure, even high pres­sure will not com­plete­ly dis­place the adhe­sive, and we would expect the bond­line (ie the adhe­sive lay­er) to main­tain at least 20µm of thickness.

    There­fore, to answer your ques­tion: a 65µm Kap­ton tape under heavy com­pres­sion should still have a total thick­ness of 40µm.

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