Warehouse Operator / Magazijn Medewerker

  • Assendelft
  • This posi­tion has been filled


Spe­cial­ty chem­i­cals, plas­tics and prod­ucts

This posi­tion is intend­ed for seri­ous, hard-work­ing pro­fes­sion­als look­ing to make their mark in the logis­tics busi­ness. As our first ded­i­cat­ed ware­house oper­a­tor, you will be work­ing with our cus­tomer ser­vice and plan­ning depart­ments to ensure cor­rect, safe and effi­cient receipt, stor­age and dis­patch of ware­housed prod­ucts.

CAPLINQ is small, fast-grow­ing com­pa­ny and we’re look­ing for tal­ent­ed, team-play­ing indi­vid­u­als to join our team. We’re a dif­fer­ent kind of com­pa­ny look­ing to find spe­cial peo­ple, so we also write our job vacan­cies in a way to attract sim­i­lar like-mind­ed peo­ple. We’re in the process of mov­ing to a new ware­house loca­tion on the Indus­trieweg in Assendelft.

In the descrip­tion below, we try to give you an idea of exact­ly the kind of peo­ple we are look­ing for by list­ing the desired out­comes of the posi­tion and the desired com­pe­ten­cies of ide­al can­di­date. If you find your­self nod­ding along with this descrip­tion and see your­self as a per­fect fit for this posi­tion, then I encour­age you to read on. If on the oth­er hand, you’re already exhaust­ed read­ing this, I rec­om­mend you take a nap and check out anoth­er job post.


  • Main­tain a 100% accu­rate phys­i­cal stock lev­el vs sys­tem stock lev­el
  • Main­tain a 0% loss of sales for goods that can­not be invoiced due to dam­age, loss incor­rect han­dling
  • Han­dle all inbound & out­bound orders inde­pen­dent­ly and accu­rate­ly

CANDIDATE COMPETENCIES | The ide­al can­di­date will be able to:

  • Improve work process­es to be able to make work more effi­cient
  • Rec­og­nize bot­tle­necks and sug­gest process improve­ments
  • Pri­or­i­tize, orga­nize and plan work dai­ly
  • Demon­strate a large amount of respon­si­bil­i­ty towards the work at hand
  • Be extreme­ly accu­rate, ensur­ing pack­ing, paper­work and inven­to­ry is done accord­ing to work instruc­tions
  • Read, under­stand and fol­low work instruc­tions in Eng­lish
  • Work safe­ly, clean­ly and tidi­ly to ensure oper­a­tional effi­cien­cy

So, what will you be doing?
The posi­tion and respon­si­bil­i­ty will grow along with you. As a small, but grow­ing com­pa­ny, the role will be excit­ing for you if you like work­ing in a small team and get sat­is­fac­tion out of always find­ing new ways to do our work more bet­ter, faster and more effi­cient­ly.

Broad­ly speak­ing, we cur­rent­ly have three major areas that will be your respon­si­bil­i­ty.


  • Out­bound ship­ments
  • Pick­ing cus­tomer orders (based on orders/packing lists pro­vid­ed by cus­tomer ser­vice
  • Pick­ing cus­tomer orders (based on col­lect­ed order of which prod­ucts that were not on stock)
  • Pre­pare orders for ship­ping — web­site orders based on invoice (includ­ing nec­es­sary paperwork/labelling)
  • Select and save picked lot num­bers per order
  • Pre­pare orders for ship­ping – Order Ful­fill­ment orders based on pack­ing slip (includ­ing nec­es­sary paperwork/labelling as instruct­ed in Cus­tomer Spe­cif­ic Require­ments sheet)
  • Pre­pare dry ice ship­ments @ freez­er loca­tion as instruct­ed
  • Arrange pick­ups online on web­sites of FedEx, UPS, DHL, oth­er couri­ers & Asendia
  • Update sta­tus to Shipped includ­ing track­ing details after pick­up has been request­ed on Order list
  • Truck inspec­tion before load­ing (cooled, clean, odor-free)
  • Update sta­tus to Shipped after pick­up on Fore­cast
  • Pre­pare CMR if need­ed
  • Assist with load­ing if need­ed


  • Mon­i­tor phys­i­cal inven­to­ry and respon­si­ble for the cor­rect lev­el of stock of prod­ucts
  • Orga­nize Ware­house areas (cleaned/maintained/safe)
  • Dai­ly con­trol­ling tem­per­a­ture cool cham­ber and freez­ers
  • Dai­ly log­ging of tem­per­a­tures
  • Con­trol inven­to­ry of pack­ag­ing mate­r­i­al (boxes/tape/wrapping/etc)
  • Order pack­ag­ing mate­r­i­al (direct or through Admin Assis­tant)
  • Week­ly order sup­ply of dry ice


  • Receiv­ing incom­ing ship­ments
  • Phys­i­cal check of incom­ing prod­ucts (qty pal­lets or boxes/condition)
  • Com­mu­ni­cate with For­warder in case of discrepancies/damages
  • Sign of for incom­ing ship­ments if deliv­ered in good order (no dam­aged box­es)
  • Phys­i­cal check of incom­ing prod­ucts (cor­rect­ness, qty and con­di­tion of received prod­ucts)
  • Com­mu­ni­cate with Cus­tomer Ser­vice in case of discrepancies/damages
  • Label­ing incom­ing ship­ments as instruct­ed (based on lot num­ber­ing in PO’s)
  • Change sta­tus of Pur­chase Orders/Material Requests to “arrived”
  • Pre­pare cus­tomer orders for prod­ucts that were not yet on stock
  • Receive week­ly ship­ment of dry ice

Desired Skills and Expe­ri­ence

What mind­set do you require?
Skills can be learned. Mind­sets, though they can be learned too, are more often a part of who you are. We val­ue the mind­set at least if not more than either expe­ri­ence or hard skills.

  1. Curios­i­ty – We want a per­son who is curi­ous, and rarely sat­is­fied with the first answer. If you find some­thing that doesn’t agree with what you already think, then we want some­one who wants to know why.
  2. Atten­tion to Detail– We want a per­son who is orga­nized, man­ages their time well, and has good obser­va­tion skills. Hint! Don’t for­get to read the last para­graph 😉
  3. Con­tin­u­ous Improve­ment – Peo­ple and process­es can always get bet­ter. We’re look­ing for some­one who ques­tions every process to see if there’s not room for improve­ment.
  4. Courage – Boss­es make mis­takes and col­leagues aren’t always fair. That’s life. We’re look­ing for some­one who may be afraid to con­front these issues, but does it any­ways. 

What skills do you NOT need?
Before we list the skills you do need, it is impor­tant that you know what we skills or expe­ri­ence we do NOT require:

  1. Prod­uct knowl­edge: You do not need to know any­thing about any of the prod­ucts we sell, nor any of the ser­vices we pro­vide. All will be taught on the job.
  2. Logis­tics expe­ri­ence: You do not need to know any­thing about logis­tics, ware­hous­ing or trans­port. Again, you will learn it all on the job.
  3. Lots of work expe­ri­ence: This is meant to be an entry-lev­el posi­tion where you will learn “knowl­edge” on the job. What we can’t teach – and val­ue enor­mous­ly is some­one that is orga­nized, ana­lyt­i­cal, curi­ous, ded­i­cat­ed and shows a high lev­el of “stick-to-it-ness”. There’s always a bet­ter way, how do we get to it?
  4. Dutch: Hon­est­ly, we speak Dutch in the office, but to the out­side world, it’s all Eng­lish.

JOB REQUIREMENTS | What skills do you require?
Very few hard skills are required. Can­di­dates will be required to:

  • Read, under­stand and fol­low work instruc­tions in Eng­lish
  • Use a com­put­er, print­er & tools to work effec­tive­ly
  • Work safe, clean and tidy to ensure oper­a­tional effi­cien­cy
  • Move stock around, either by hand or by using a fork­lift
  • Be flex­i­ble to duties and tasks
  • Be a pos­i­tive team play­er
  • Read and speak basic Eng­lish

Skills not required, but that get bonus points (any of them count):
The job does not require these skills, but they are wel­comed extras, be sure to men­tion them.

  1. Fork­lift Oper­a­tor: We don’t even have a fork­lift yet, but we expect to get one with­in the year
  2. Driver’s Licence: There may be errands that need to be done with the com­pa­ny car.

There is no need to send your CV unless it looks awe­some and you want to impress us with how it looks. Oth­er­wise, we will use your LinkedIn pro­file (bet­ter make sure it is com­plete!). 

Instead, can­di­dates wish­ing to apply are request­ed to send an email to hr@caplinq.com that includes:

  1. A link to your LinkedIn pro­file (Ok, if you don’t have a LinkedIn pro­file, you can send your CV)
  2. A one-page, per­son­al cov­er let­ter

Let me repeat that last part in a dif­fer­ent way… We are look­ing for peo­ple who stand out from the crowd with a well-writ­ten, enthu­si­as­tic one-page let­ter telling us why this posi­tion speaks to you and what you could bring to the team.

If all you do is send a CV (we told you not to), and no cov­er let­ter your appli­ca­tion will be dis­card­ed with­out even being read.

About Chris Perabo

Chris is an energetic and enthusiastic engineer and entrepreneur. He is always interested in taking highly technical subjects and distilling these to their essence so that even the layman can understand. He loves to get into the technical details of an issue and then understand how it can be useful for specific customers and applications. Chris is currently the Director of Business Development at CAPLINQ.