Linqstat Electrically Conductive and Antistatic Plastic Film

Linqstat Electrically Conductive & Antistatic Plastic Film

Mate­ri­als such as paper, tex­tile, and plas­tic con­tain an equal num­ber of pos­i­tive and neg­a­tive charge, i.e., they are elec­tri­cal­ly bal­anced. Fric­tion is known to dis­turb the bal­ance caus­ing the mate­r­i­al to get elec­tri­cal­ly charged.

The lev­el of charge then starts get­ting affect­ed by the speed of con­tact, mate­r­i­al, type, tem­per­a­ture, and sev­er­al oth­er fac­tors. Once the charge starts get­ting affect­ed, it exerts a force on the near­by objects and the issues caused are dust cling­ing to prod­ucts, prod­ucts cling­ing to rollers, and mate­ri­als curl­ing, tear­ing, and jamming.

The sta­t­ic charge keeps on build­ing in these mate­ri­als and caus­es the unde­sired instances.
But, the anti­sta­t­ic plas­tic films pro­vide a decay of charge, from hun­dreds to sev­er­al sec­onds that pre­vent­ing the accu­mu­la­tions of charge. And, the con­duc­tive films deliv­er a sur­face resis­tiv­i­ty of 101 to 106 ohm per square.

CAPLINQ takes proud in offer­ing its Lin­q­s­tat brand­ed elec­tri­cal and anti­sta­t­ic plas­tic film. Lin­q­s­tat VCF, MVCF, and XVCF series plas­tic sheets are black, car­bon, and vol­ume con­duc­tive poly­eth­yl­ene film that is designed to offer sta­t­ic and phys­i­cal pro­tec­tion in numer­ous devices.

The film is flexible, heat-sealable, and also offers incredible abrasion resistance.

  • The VCF anti­sta­t­ic plas­tic film series has a sur­face resis­tance of <20,000 ohm-cm. With its ground­ing nature, it offers medi­um lev­el sta­t­ic pro­tec­tion and is use­ful in the appli­ca­tions where our main aim is to bal­ance both cost v/s per­for­mance. This series is unaf­fect­ed by humid­i­ty and gives good ther­mal sta­bil­i­ty as well chem­i­cal resis­tance. It has a stan­dard thick­ness range from 65μm to 200μm and is avail­able in sheet, tubes, V fold, and C fold version.
  • The MVCF series has a sur­face resis­tance of <50,000 ohm-cm. Being sur­face con­duc­tive, it is use­ful for appli­ca­tions that have a large sur­face and expect the large pres­sure appli­ca­tions. It pro­vides anti-sta­t­ic pro­tec­tion to the elec­tron­ic com­po­nents and also meets the mil­i­tary spec­i­fi­ca­tion MIL-P-82646A. As an anti­sta­t­ic plas­tic film, you can also use it as an anti­sta­t­ic inter leaver for smart card applications.
  • The XVCF series is sim­i­lar to our stan­dard VCF series, but with the high­er con­duc­tive car­bon and a denser poly­mer mix. The high car­bon con­tent gives us low­er resis­tance as well as high­er conductivity.

We also offer grades of XVCF series films includ­ing XVCF-BTS Series and XVCF-ALS Series. The BTS series gives us low­er resis­tance and high­er con­duc­tiv­i­ty. And the ALS series is the most con­duc­tive till now!

To know more regard­ing our Con­duc­tive and anti­sta­t­ic plas­tic films, you can vis­it You can also con­tact us if you have any queries regard­ing con­duc­tive and anti­sta­t­ic materials.

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