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Order Fulfillment Service for Inbound Shipping to Europe

The Euro­pean Union has 25 coun­tries, with their rules, laws, and reg­u­la­tions, some of which are imposed on the Euro­pean level.

To ship your prod­ucts or chem­i­cal sub­stances to Europe, you need to take into con­sid­er­a­tion the bar­ri­ers. Ware­house laws, trans­porta­tion rules, and direc­tives from the Eco­nom­ic com­mu­ni­ty of Europe. Any com­pa­ny or a for­eign man­u­fac­tur­er that needs to trans­port a chem­i­cal sub­stance with­in the Europe is required to have a Euro­pean presence.

And, Euro­pean pres­ence with­out Euro­pean enti­ty can only be man­aged by hir­ing a REACH only agent or by reg­is­ter­ing for the order ful­fill­ment service.

With the CAPLINQ’S order ful­fill­ment ser­vice, your com­pa­ny is pro­vid­ed with the dis­tinct Euro­pean pres­ence that puts you on the lev­el of Euro­pean sup­pli­ers with­out any has­sle. Our ship­ping ser­vice not only includes the logis­tics sup­ply chain ser­vice but also com­plies with the Euro­pean cus­toms author­i­ties and help the sup­pli­ers to have a ready stock of the products.

Process of Order Fulfillment Service

Cus­tomer places an order from the sup­pli­er. Sup­pli­er noti­fies us, and we pick up the goods and act as a supplier’s fis­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tives for VAT and tax­es. Our team makes the use ‑40 degrees to ‑20 degrees tem­per­a­ture for the safe trans­porta­tion of the goods. After the com­ple­tion of order ful­fill­ment ser­vice, we pay the sell­ing price direct­ly to the supplier.

There­fore, we reach 75% cus­tomers on first, 90% in sec­ond, and 99% of the third day.

CAPLINQ’s Inbound Shipping Service

We use fis­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tion import the prod­ucts for the man­u­fac­tur­ing cost and VAT defer­ment license to offer your good as tax deferred to your cus­tomers. In our order ful­fill­ment ser­vice, we make use of the best in class logis­tics and dis­tri­b­u­tion ser­vices that will deliv­er the prod­uct to your cus­tomer in a faster and cheap­er way.

CAPLINQ also applies state of the art tech­nol­o­gy to track the stock and sales lev­els reg­u­lar­ly. Our inbound ship­ping ser­vices include:

  • Con­tain­er Ship­ping: With reg­u­lar ship­ments of 40-foot con­tain­ers, we move more than 300 met­ric tons of plas­tics and chemicals.
  • Air Ship­ments: We have made arrange­ments with DHL, Fedex, and UPS to move goods from the sup­pli­ers load­ing docks to the customer’s receiv­ing port.
  • Truck For­ward­ing: With our truck for­ward­ing ser­vice, we reach 99% of the cus­tomers in 72 hours.

In addi­tion, in our order ful­fill­ment charges, we pro­vide you with a fixed price list and a clear logis­tics adder for the order fulfillment.

We don’t work like oth­er third par­ty logis­tics instead as we pro­vide you with the entire sup­ply chain that is refrig­er­at­ed at the tem­per­a­ture at five degrees-20 degrees Cel­sius. CAPLINQ thrives on pro­vid­ing the cold sup­ply chain solu­tions along with the tem­per­a­ture mon­i­tors mak­ing sure that your goods are not dam­aged dur­ing transit.

To learn more regard­ing the ser­vices pro­vid­ed by CAPLINQ’s order ful­fill­ment ser­vices for the inbound ship­ping of chem­i­cals to Europe, vis­it www.caplinq.com. You can also con­tact us if you have ques­tions regard­ing the ser­vices of CAPLINQ’S order ful­fill­ment service.

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