Solder spheres on tape and reel

Packaging solder spheres on tape and reel

Appli­ca­tions that requires pre­cise amount of sol­der usu­al­ly use pack­ag­ing of sol­der spheres on tape and reel.

As exam­ples, Flip chip, also known as con­trolled col­lapse chip con­nec­tion (is a method for inter­con­nect­ing semi­con­duc­tor devices). And ball grid array (BGA — used for inte­grat­ed cir­cuits and to per­ma­nent­ly mount devices such as microprocessors).

Solder spheres on tape and reel means safer and faster manufacturing process


Pack­ag­ing sol­der spheres in tape and reel can guar­an­tee that the sol­der pre­forms will arrive with safe­ty and can be hand­i­ly insert into the man­u­fac­tur­ing process.

Besides this safe­ty and facil­i­ty, tape and reel make pos­si­ble for the man­u­fac­ture process to have high vol­ume and auto­mat­ed process­es. That’s because a pick and place machine can access the pre­forms in the same way as the com­po­nents. Even for man­u­al oper­a­tions, the retrieval of a sin­gle pre­form from a pro­tect­ed pock­et can improve effi­cien­cy of the process.

There­fore, the biggest ben­e­fit to Pack­ag­ing sol­der spheres on tape and reel is time. Instead of hav­ing to load indi­vid­ual strips, reel only requires an oper­a­tor to load a feed­er once and allows for one con­tin­u­ous feed.

When order­ing sol­der spheres on tape and reel, it’s impor­tant to define the right size of the pock­ets for the sol­der spheres. Like this, you can main­tain the integri­ty of the pre­form dur­ing trans­porta­tion and allow for the effi­cient removal of the pre­form dur­ing the pick­ing process. If the pock­et is too big for the part, for exam­ple, the part will move around and prob­a­bly get dam­aged. If the pock­et is too small, the part could get stuck, inter­rupt­ing the pro­duc­tion process.

CAPLINQ can provide packaging solder spheres into jars with inert gas and on tape and reel

CAPLINQ offers sol­der spheres packed into jars with inert gas (nitro­gen) to serve the semi­con­duc­tor pack­ag­ing industry.

Also, CAPLINQ can pro­vide pack­ag­ing sol­der spheres on tape and reel on demand. In the spe­cif­ic size and amount you need. The best choice to increase safe­ty and improve the man­u­fac­tur­ing process, thus pro­vid­ing you with a time-to-mar­ket advantage.

Vis­it to learn more about all our sol­der prod­ucts includ­ing our sol­der spheres. You can also con­tact us if you have fur­ther ques­tions on pack­ag­ing sol­der spheres on tape and reel.

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