Pricing: Price of Native Food-Grade Tapioca Starch

Native Tapi­o­ca starch, even food-grade tapi­o­ca starch is a world com­mod­i­ty and CAPLINQ knows that it must com­pete against a glob­al mar­ket of pro­duc­ers. Despite this, we believe that our tapi­o­ca starch prices, pro­duced in Gabon, Africa are very com­pet­i­tive and when you include sea freight charges to South Africa, Europe, and South Amer­i­ca — our prices are even more competitive.

Volume-Based Native Tapioca Starch Prices | Cassava Starch

Though CAPLINQ typ­i­cal­ly pub­lish­es its price-list pub­licly, the com­mod­i­ty busi­ness of tapi­o­ca starch changes so rapid­ly that prices change every week. Instead, CAPLINQ refers its cus­tomers to the Thai Tapi­o­ca Starch Asso­ci­a­tion (TTSA) web­site where prices of Thai-sup­plied starch are sup­plied, and CAPLIN­Q’s sales price have always been below these prices.

LOOKING FOR AN OFFICIAL PRICE QUOTE? Con­tact us and let us know your required quan­ti­ty and the des­ti­na­tion port.

Click for more infor­ma­tion regard­ing Native Tapi­o­ca (Cas­sa­va) Starch, or please con­tact us for more details.

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6 thoughts on “Pricing: Price of Native Food-Grade Tapioca Starch

  1. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, there is no easy way for us to pub­lish a sin­gle price that we can offer to all cus­tomers, as there are vari­ables includ­ing port of deliv­ery, vol­umes request­ed, and vari­a­tions in sea­son­al and region­al fac­tors that affect the price of native tapi­o­ca starch at any one giv­en time.

    Though we wish to be trans­par­ent in our pric­ing, we have not yet found the most prac­ti­cal way to give an accu­rate “gen­er­al” price, and so we ask you to con­tact us direct­ly at info (at) for a price quote.

  2. Hi dear,

    Please send the price quo­ta­tion for the food grade tapi­o­ca starch.

    We need 1500 ton per month. The starch will be used for mak­ing the liq­uid glucose.

    Best regards.


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