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Results Of The Rubber Cleaning Sheets After Tests

Rub­ber Clean­ing Sheets are a mold die clean­ing mate­r­i­al that is made for clean­ing the mold stains organ­ic residues and epoxy resins. These sheets come with a mold die release agent that aug­ments the releas­ing abil­i­ty of the mold die sur­faces. Also, they are main­ly used for the removal of con­t­a­m­i­na­tion of molds, which are used in the chem­i­cal and phys­i­cal mech­a­nism of the semi­con­duc­tor circuits.

The LINQSHEET clean­ing sheets series con­sist of RCS 100, RCS 200, RCS 300, and RCS 400.

The RCS100 Rub­ber Clean­ing Sheets works with a wide range of molds and can tol­er­ate a torque up to 53 lb-in and cures the sur­face just in 53 sec­onds. The RCS 200 has the low­est odor, and The RCS 300 is an amine-free clean­ing alter­na­tive. The RCS 400 Rub­ber Clean­ing Sheet pro­vides a car­cino­gen-free clean­ing alternative.
Of the whole RCS series, RCS 100 has the high­est clean­ing performance.

Procedure For Using Rubber Cleaning Sheets

Make use of the stan­dard (tem­per­a­ture and pres­sure) mold­ing con­di­tions. Set the con­di­tion accord­ing to the cav­i­ty depth and place the rub­ber clean­ing sheets over the cav­i­ty. Seal it and let the pro­ce­dure stay in for five min­utes. Now, open it; remove the cured sheet, and repeat until the cav­i­ty is com­plete­ly clean.

Peter Palfie (Process Engineer of Magnetics Business Group) Tried The Rubber Cleaning Sheets And The Results Are-

After we did the first clean­ing shots, he made some pic­tures of the cured clean­ing sheets.

It is vis­i­ble the wax tablets bleed in the air chan­nels where the air should escape from the cav­i­ties when we apply the vac­u­um in the mold.” — Renee de Schepper

As we dis­cussed this might be the main rea­son for holes in the mold­ed parts.

His Sug­ges­tion- If we can solve this bleed­ing effect or change the chem­istry of the wax tablets so it won’t stick to the mold sur­face as much I think this will be the best way to apply wax to the tools.

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