Silicone Optical Fiber Coating

Shin-Etsu offer a range of sil­i­cone mate­ri­als suit­able for opti­cal fiber coat­ing. The fiber coat­ing appli­ca­tion can be bro­ken down into two cat­e­gories, the “pri­ma­ry coat­ing” through which the light or data must pass and the “buffer coat­ing” whose opti­cal prop­er­ties must be dif­fer­ent than the pri­ma­ry coating.

Shin-Etsu offer a range of sil­i­cone mate­ri­als suit­able for opti­cal fiber coating.

Depend­ing on the equip­ment and method of poly­mer­iza­tion (UV Cure of Heat Cure), dif­fer­ent cat­e­gories of prod­ucts are avail­able. Refer to the fig­ure below.

Primary Coating Material

For the pri­ma­ry coat­ing, there is one heat-cure prod­uct (OF-182), and two UV-cure prod­ucts (OF-211 and OF-212). These prod­ucts exhib­it spe­cif­ic opti­cal prop­er­ties as the light (data) trav­els through this lay­er. For these appli­ca­tions a refrac­tive index of 1.49 — 1.52 is required and all these prod­ucts have refrac­tive indices that fall in this range.

Silicone Optical Fiber Coating

Buffer Coating Material

The buffer coat­ing mate­r­i­al is used to keep the light (data) with­in the fiber core and thus requires a mate­r­i­al with a much low­er refrac­tive index, typ­i­cal­ly in the 1.41 — 1.44 range. For this appli­ca­tion, there are two heat cure prod­ucts (OF-101 and OF-180) and two UV-cure prod­ucts (OF-207 and OF-208).

These mate­ri­als are suit­able for nor­mal tele­con fibers coat­ed with 400µm — 500µm thick­ness­es at line speeds of 100 to 500 m/min.

For more infor­ma­tion on these or oth­er prod­ucts, please vis­it us or con­tact us for more details.

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