Solar Cell Double-Sided Mounting Tape

As many of you know, CAPLINQ has expand­ed their prod­uct offer­ing to extend into renew­able ener­gy. Part of this strat­e­gy includes solar ener­gy, whose tech­nol­o­gy makes great leaps every year. Mount­ing these solar cells requires a mount­ing tape that is has both good adhe­sion as well as high tem­per­a­ture resistance.

PIT2SD: The Perfect Double-Sided Mounting Tape for Solar Cells

PIT2SD is a high-tem­per­a­ture resis­tant, dou­ble-sided poly­imide tape, which means that it can resis­tant tem­per­a­tures as high as 260°C. Though the solar cells will nev­er see these tem­per­a­tures, the max­i­mum ambi­ent tem­per­a­ture of these instal­la­tions can be quite hot. PIT2SD also has the fol­low­ing advantages:

  • 2‑mil back­ing thick­ness is thick enough for prop­er handling
  • Has a release-lin­er on one side so that it can be applied on one side and then peel off the release lin­er before apply­ing the solar cell
  • Uses a sil­i­cone adhe­sive which main­tains adhe­sion in hot­ter environments

For more infor­ma­tion, you can vis­it the prod­uct page of PIT2SD, con­sult our com­plete list of poly­imide tapes, or you can com­pare our poly­imide films and tapes. Should you have any oth­er ques­tions, please con­tact us or vis­it the CAPLINQ web­site today to find out more, or for more information.

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