Temperature data loggers for medical and pharmaceutical applications

Tem­per­a­ture data log­gers is a portable mea­sure­ment device. This device is capa­ble of record the tem­per­a­ture data, over a defined peri­od of time. The data can eas­i­ly be eval­u­at­ed after recorded.

The data log­gers are per­fect for cold sup­ply chain. For this rea­son, health­care orga­ni­za­tions usu­al­ly use tem­per­a­ture data log­gers to mon­i­tor shipments.

Med­ical and phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal com­pa­nies use tem­per­a­ture data log­gers to mon­i­tor the trans­port of med­i­cines, blood, vac­cines and any oth­er prod­uct that must remain in cold tem­per­a­ture. Because it is vital that this goods are care­ful­ly han­dled and con­served in the cor­rect con­di­tions and at the right tem­per­a­tures at all times.

Data log­gers pro­vide effi­cien­cy and reli­a­bil­i­ty in the ship­ping of med­ical and phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal goods, spe­cial­ly for cold sup­ply chain.

From stor­age to ship­ping, it’s impor­tant that the cold sup­ply chain remain unbro­ken. For this rea­son, tem­per­a­ture data log­gers can ensure the fresh­ness and qual­i­ty of the goods.

temperature data logger

CAPLINQ introduces Smartlinq®, a reliable and low-cost solution for your refrigerated or frozen supply chain.

This sin­gle-use, dis­pos­able USB stick is pack­aged in a mois­ture-resis­tant plas­tic pack­ag­ing. Thus, keep­ing the elec­tron­ics safe from humid­i­ty until it has safe­ly arrived at its destination.

there­fore, Smartlinq dis­pos­able log­gers are the per­fect solu­tion for export ship­ments of any tem­per­a­ture-sen­si­tive med­ical or phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal product.

Vis­it caplinq.com to learn more about the Smartlinq Sin­gle-Use 90 Day USB Tem­per­a­ture Data Log­ger or about all CAPLINQ data log­gers.

You can also con­tact us if you have fur­ther ques­tions on how you can Smartlinq USB Tem­per­a­ture Data Loggers.

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