TempMate S1 v2: Single-Use USB Temperature Logger for Easy Monitoring of Logistics Cold Chain

CAPLINQ intro­duces the Sin­gle-Use USB Tem­per­a­ture Log­ger Temp­Mate® v2, the new and improved ver­sion of the Temp­Mate® S1 v1.

In com­par­i­son to Temp­Mate® v1, espe­cial­ly rel­e­vant, the new ver­sion has dou­ble time of shelf life (from 12 month­sto 24 months). There­fore, bet­ter mem­o­ry capac­i­ty and run time of 110 days instead of 90 days max­i­mum of the first version.

Also, the pack­age was designed to be sim­ple and easy, the dis­pos­able USB stick is pack­aged in a mois­ture-resis­tant plas­tic pack­ag­ing, keep­ing the elec­tron­ics safe from humid­i­ty until it has safe­ly arrived at its destination.

Fur­ther­more, the Temp­Mate® v2 is very sim­ple to use.

First of all, once arrived, your cus­tomer sim­ply press­es and holds the device for 5 more sec­onds to stop the log­ger. Then, your cus­tomer opens the plas­tic pack­ag­ing and plugs the USB dri­ve into any com­put­er. The entire tem­per­a­ture his­to­ry is pro­vid­ed in a PDF Report and a CSV Report locat­ed on the USB drive.

Applications for Single-use USB Temperature Data Loggers

Sin­gle-use data log­gers make sense when­ev­er it is too com­pli­cat­ed or too expen­sive to get the devices back and to reuse them. Temp­Mate® dis­pos­able log­gers are the per­fect solu­tion for export ship­ments of any tem­per­a­ture-sen­si­tive prod­uct. So, the Appli­ca­tions of USB tem­per­a­ture data log­gers usu­al­ly are:

  • Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals;
  • Blood Trans­porta­tion;
  • Vac­cines;
  • Epox­ies and Adhesives;
  • Flow­ers, Plants & Trees;
  • And var­nish­es.

What are the benefits of the Tempmate Temperature Logger?

Besides being sim­ple and easy to use, you still have the great ben­e­fits below:

  • Cost-effec­tive and reli­able tem­per­a­ture logging;
  • Smart design and intu­itive Operation;
  • Water­proof and suit­able for food grade packing;
  • No Addi­tion­al Hard­ware or Soft­ware Required;
  • Detailed PDF and CSV Report Includ­ing Graph and Table;
  • Intel­li­gent LEDs for Sta­tus Monitoring;
  • Extend­ed Shelf-Life of 2 Years;
  • Val­i­da­tion Cer­tifi­cate valid for 2 Years;
  • Final­ly, is reprogrammable.

If you are look­ing for a low bud­get alter­na­tive, CAPLINQ also offers Smartlinq Sin­gle-Use 90 Day USB Tem­per­a­ture Data Loggers.

Please click for more details on Temp­Mate S1 V2 Sin­gle-Use USB Tem­per­a­ture Data Log­gers or vis­it our web­site to learn more about data log­gers, indi­ca­tors & pack­ag­ing. Should you have ques­tions, or require more infor­ma­tion, please feel free to con­tact us.

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