Where has MJ Gordon’s Permasil #909C disappeared to?

CAPLINQ has been a dis­trib­u­tor of MJ Gor­don Per­masil car­nau­ba wax mold release spray, includ­ing Per­masil #909C green label mold release for many years. There is no deny­ing that it is one of the best mold release agents for epoxy mold com­pounds on the planet.

What makes MJ Gordon Permasil #909C Carnauba Wax so great

MJ Gor­don Per­masil #909C con­tains ingre­di­ents that do not meet REACH require­ments and will be banned from use by 2017

The com­bi­na­tion of epoxy com­pat­i­bil­i­ty, ease of use and fan­tas­tic mold release prod­ucts makes it a stan­dard at almost every com­pa­ny that uses epoxy mold com­pounds in a trans­fer mold press and even at epoxy mold com­pound man­u­fac­tur­ers them­selves. Car­nau­ba is used in the man­u­fac­ture of epoxy mold com­pounds them­selves to act as a self-releas­ing mold com­pound, and so there is nev­er any com­pat­i­bil­i­ty with the car­nau­ba wax used as an aerosol spray for the mold release agent. Fur­ther­more, the amount of car­nau­ba wax that can be dis­solved in a can of MJ Gor­don Per­masil #909C and still give it a “good to the last drop guar­an­tee” is what sets MJ Gor­don #909C apart from the rest. The unfor­tu­nate fac­tor how­ev­er lies exact­ly in this last state­ment. The ingre­di­ents used in MJ Gor­don #909C have found their way onto the Reg­u­la­tion on Reg­is­tra­tion, Eval­u­a­tion, Autho­ri­sa­tion and Restric­tion of Chem­i­cals (REACH) sub­stance list and as such will be banned for use by 2017.

What exactly is the problem with MJ Gordon Permasil #909C?

Car­nau­ba wax on its own is a sol­id. In order to make it a liq­uid, the sol­id needs to be dis­solved in a sol­vent which sus­pends the sol­id in a liq­uid allow­ing it to be sprayed out of an aerosol can and applied to hot mold sur­faces. Once the liq­uid con­tacts the hot sur­face, the sol­vent is quick­ly evap­o­rat­ed leav­ing only car­nu­a­ba wax on the hot mold — per­fect for start­ing an epoxy mold com­pound process. The goal of the sol­vent is thus exact­ly that — to tem­porar­i­ly make the sol­id a liq­uid to be able to apply it, and then get out of the way as quick­ly as pos­si­ble once it is applied to the sur­face. The sol­vent used in the MJ Gor­don #909C is the cul­prit as it is the one that has made it onto the REACH list, num­ber­ing the days that it will be allowed to be used in pro­duc­tion environments.

Alternatives to MJ Gordon Permasil #909C Carnauba Wax Spray

Oh, no!” explain our cus­tomers, once they hear that they will short­ly no longer be able to use their favorite spray, “Now what will be use?”. The bad news is that we have tried dozens of ingre­di­ents to try to replace the sol­vent with some­thing that is not on the REACH ban list — with­out suc­cess so far. (This said, if you are read­ing this arti­cle and have some ideas, or want to help par­tic­i­pate in our devel­op­ment, please con­tact us to dis­cuss.) The good news is that we have been able to devel­op some alter­na­tives to MJ Gor­don #909C that includ­ing Chem­linq MRE-C909 that are com­plete replace­ments for MJ Gor­don #909C. Keep check­ing this page for new updates as we expand our mold release agent portfolio.

What criteria make a product an MJ Gordon #909C alternative?

This is an excel­lent ques­tion, and exact­ly the point of this arti­cle. As men­tioned above, MJ Gor­don #909C is a fan­tas­tic prod­uct, so don’t think that you can just buy some Tur­tle Wax, or Car­nau­ba wax car wax and think that you have found the next MJ Gor­don #909C Car­nau­ba Wax (trust us, we tried). An effec­tive alter­na­tive needs to meet the fol­low­ing criteria:

  • It needs to be com­pat­i­ble with epoxy mold­ing com­pounds (most sil­i­cone based sprays are not compatible)
  • It needs to be applied to a HOT mold sur­face (car wax­es can’t and even have warn­ings against it)
  • It can­not bub­ble or foam when applied (a uni­form, thin lay­er is key to consistency)
  • The sol­vent must evap­o­rate quick­ly when applied (which is why water-based sol­vents will nev­er work)
  • It must be afford­able (tar­get price is same or less than cur­rent MJ Gor­don #909C sprays at volume)
MJ Gordon #909C vs LinqSil S-100
MJ Gor­don #909C vs Lin­qSil S‑100

Know­ing this, we spent many months devel­op­ing Chem­linq MRE-C909 as well as Lin­qSil S‑100 Mold Release for Epoxy Mold Com­pounds.

What is CAPLINQ Chemlinq MRE-C909 Non-Silicone Carnauba Wax Mold Release Agent for Epoxy Mold Compounds

CAPLIN­Q’s Chem­linq MRE-C909 Mold Release is a car­nau­ba wax based, sprayable aerosol mold release agent. It con­tains no sil­i­cones or oils and is there­fore not only com­pat­i­ble but com­ple­men­tary to epoxy mold­ing com­pound and oth­er ther­moset plas­tic molding.

Alternative to MJGordon Permasil #909C

Chem­linq MRE-C909 is a ful­ly REACH and RoHS com­pli­ant car­nau­ba wax mold release aerosol spray and does not con­tain trichloroethane (CAS: 71–55‑6) or dichloromethane (CAS: 75–09-02). It is designed for mold release of epoxy mold­ing com­pounds and was specif­i­cal­ly for­mu­lat­ed as an alter­na­tive to MJ Gor­don Per­masil #909C after MJ Gor­don dis­con­tin­ued the pro­duc­tion of this prod­uct. MRE-C909 is lit­er­al­ly the 9th iter­a­tion and serves as a reminder of the 8 pre­vi­ous unsuc­cess­ful for­mu­la­tion attempts before final­ly for­mu­lat­ing MRE-C909.

In order to have the best results dur­ing the pro­duc­tion process, a thin, uni­form thick­ness of MRE-C909 should be sprayed on the mold. The release agent has no build-up on the mold and should show a shiny sur­face when prop­er­ly applied.

Instructions for use:

  1. Turn the actu­a­tor so that the ori­fice is point­ing towards the red mark­ing on the valve cup.
  2. Shake the can fre­quent­ly dur­ing use.
  3. Hold can far enough from the mold sur­face to obtain the required spray dis­tance, pat­tern, & coverage.
  4. Do not over­spray, but apply uni­form­ly and quick­ly dur­ing production.
  5. Do not spray into open flames or any incan­des­cent materials.

What is CAPLINQ LinqSil S‑100 Mold Release Agent for Epoxy Mold Compounds

CAPLINQ Lin­qSil S‑100 is a spe­cial­ly for­mu­lat­ed mold release agent for­mu­lat­ed as an alter­na­tive to MJ Gor­don #909C for use with Epoxy Mold Com­pounds in par­tic­u­lar, but can also be used on hot- and cold-cured epoxy, polyurethane and poly­ester resins. Although it is a sil­i­cone-based mold release agent, it has been test­ed and PROVEN to work on epoxy mold com­pounds with ZERO com­pat­i­bil­i­ty issues. It meets the cri­te­ria as laid out above:

  • Com­pat­i­ble with epoxy mold com­pounds (used by diode and IC epoxy mold com­pound users)
  • Can be applied to hot mold sur­faces (used on mold sur­faces as hot as 200°C)
  • Does­n’t bub­ble or foam when applied
  • Sol­vent evap­o­rates quick­ly when applied (mold­ing can be done imme­di­ate­ly after application)
  • Must be afford­able (check our mold release list prices and vol­ume price breaks.)

It is now cur­rent­ly in pro­duc­tion with semi­con­duc­tor man­u­fac­tur­ers using epoxy mold com­pounds to mold:

  • Epoxy mold­ed diodes (used by one sev­er­al man­u­fac­tur­ers who com­bined make sev­er­al bil­lion parts per year)
  • Epoxy mold­ed IC’s (this includes QFN, BGAs, LQFP, SOICs and many more)
  • Don’t you want to join this list of sat­is­fied customers?

So, what’s stop­ping you from try­ing Chem­linq MRE-C909 or Lin­qSil S‑100 Mold Release Agent for yourself?

CAPLINQ is a spe­cial­ty chem­i­cals, plas­tics and prod­ucts com­pa­ny that spe­cial­izes in mold release agents includ­ing MJ Gor­don Per­masil #909C, Chem­linq MRE-C909, and Lin­qSil S‑100 mold release spray. You can con­tact us if you have fur­ther ques­tions about MJ Gor­don Permasil.

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