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Capillary flow and Pre-applied Underfills for Flip chips and BGA arrays



Capillary flow and Pre-applied underfills for CSP, BGA, WLCSP, LGA and other similar devices lower stress, improve reliability and offer outstanding processability.

Underfills offer the highest levels of reliability with the options of both reworkable and non-reworkable formulations. Materials are available that deliver ultimate processability with fast flow speeds and the capability to effectively fill bottom-side component spaces with extremely low bump heights. Formulations are designed to reduce stress caused by mismatched expansion coefficients, and have outstanding reliability in thermal cycling, thermal shock, drop testing and other demanding tests, as well as in use.

To enhance the reliability of many handheld devices, underfills offer formulations that quickly fill the space between the package and board, cure fast, offer outstanding protection for solder joints against mechanical strains such as shock, drop and vibration, and allow for reworkability. When full underfill is not required, cornerbond and edgebond technologies provide a cost-effective solution, with strong perimeter reinforcement and self-centering capability.
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Product Selector Guide

Semiconductor and Board level Underfills
Product Description Viscosity (MPa-s) Glass transition temperature (°C) CTE a1 CTE a2 Cure time (min) Cure Temp °C Available Key attributes
Board level Underfills
Loctite ECCOBOND E1172A Non reworkable capilary underfill 17,000 135 27 85 6 135 Yes
  • Uniform and void-free
  • Minimizes induced stress at the solder joint
  • Use with very fine area array devices with 25 μm geometries
Loctite ECCOBOND FP4502 Single component liquid epoxy underfill 35,000 115 22 84 30 165 Yes
  • Forms a rigid, low stress seal
  • Extends thermal cycling performance
  • Low CTE
Loctite ECCOBOND FP4526 Liquid epoxy capillary underfill 4,700 133 33 101 15 165 Yes
  • Suitable for applications that require high thermal cycling performance
  • For capillary flow on flip chip applications with excellent reliability
Loctite ECCOBOND FP4530 Snap curable fast flowing Underfill 3,500 145 46 150 7 160 Yes
  • Changes from blue to green upon cure
  • For flip chip on flex applications with a 25 μm gap
Loctite ECCOBOND FP4531 Snap curable non reworkable underfill 10,000 161 28 104 7 160 Yes
  • Passes NASA outgassing
  • For flip chip on flex applications with a 25 μm gap
Loctite ECCOBOND UF1173 One component void free underfill 7,500 160 26 103 5 150 Yes
  • Can be jet or needle dispensed
  • REACH/SVHCs compliant
  • High Tg and low CTE
Loctite ECCOBOND UF3810 Reworkable epoxy underfill 394 102 55 171 8 130 Superseded by UF3811
  • Halogen free
  • Higher Tg version of LOCTITE ECCOBOND UF 3800
  • Cures quickly at moderate temperatures
Loctite ECCOBOND UF3811 Reworkable epoxy underfill 354 124 61 190 30 110 Yes
  • Room temperature flow capability
  • Higher Tg version of LOCTITE ECCOBOND UF 3810
  • Cures quickly at moderate temperatures
Loctite ABLESTIK ACP 3122 Anisotropic epoxy adhesive (Z axis) 22,000 100 - - 5 seconds 150 Yes
  • Conductive only in z axis
  • Anisotropic electrically conductive
  • Low temperature cure
Semiconductor Underfills
Loctite ECCOBOND UF8830S Liquid epoxy capillary underfill for BGA 22,120 118 25 100 30 + 120 Ramp to 150 Yes
  • Achieves MSL L3/L2A and passes all reliability requirements
  • Excellent wettability to different substrates
  • Formulated for tight bump pitch and narrow gap in flip chip BGA applications
Loctite ECCOBOND NCP5209 Non conductive paste Underfill 12,500 145 28 80 30 + 120 Ramp to 160 Yes
  • #1 Non Conductive Paste Underfill
  • Paste version of NCF218
  • Bump protection of flip-chip devices, with bump pitches less than 100 µm and gaps less than 40 µm
Loctite ABLESTIK NCF218 Non conductive underfill film - 119 24 190 30 + 60 Ramp to 175 Yes
  • Film version of NCP 5209
  • Enables fine pitch, narrow gap Cu pillar
  • TSV, Die to die & Die to substrate