Conductive & Anti-Static Plastics

Conductive and antistatic (ESD) materials and not-so-shocking prices. Low resistivity plastics from 100ohm/sq to 100,000 ohm/sq. Carbon and conductive filled plastics

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Conductive & Antistatic Materials

Anti-Static, ESD and Electrically Conductive Plastics

CAPLINQ is proud to offer a range of its own LINQSTAT-branded conductive plastic and anti-static products including Electrically Conductive Sheeting, Electrically Conductive Bags, and Electrically Conductive Tubing.

LINQSTAT™ VCF-Series is a black, carbon-filled, volume-conductive polyethylene film designed to provide both physical and static protection in numerous semiconductor, electronics, and Smartcard applications. Its easy-grounding nature makes it ideal for packaging where electrostatic contamination is a problem.

The film and its conductivity are unaffected by humidity and age. The film is heat-sealable, flexible and offers exceptional abrasion resistance. The film gives good thermal stability and has outstanding chemical resistance. The conductive bags meet electrical requirements of the military specification MIL-P-82646A.

LINQSTAT has a standard thickness range from 65μm to 200μm (0.0025” to 0.008”) and is available in sheeting, tubing, V-fold and C-fold versions. Roll lengths and widths vary depending on thickness and application. Other variations may be available.

Low volume flexibility, high volume pricing

CAPLINQ maintains an inventory of many volume conductive sheeting and bags, and we specialize in the fulfillment of small orders. CAPLINQ also offers volume breaks and discounts for our higher volume customers. A complete list of packaging quantities, volume breaks and discounts can be seen by clicking on the product details below.