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EV Batteries

Battery packs

Potting, gasketing and assembling

Room temperature and Heat cure

Charging Connector

For charging systems, fast charging in a safe way and long-term reliability also bring the challenge. Honeywell provides thermal interface materials to effectively dissipate heat from high voltage and power components like inverters. Besides, thermal potting material helps to protect components against outdoor environments and fix those cables in positions for charge connectors. 

Key Application Consideration

Excellent Encapsulation 

  • Enough thermal conductivity (> 0.5 W/mK)
  • Hardness (Shore A50~A90) for fixing and protection
  • Electrical insulation with high dielectric strength
  • Self-leveling avoids void-free encapsulation
  • Flame-retardant meet UL 94 V-0
  • Long-term reliability for EV charging station
  • Stable performance in an outdoor environment (temperature and humidity)

Great Manufacturability

  • Light weight with low specific gravity
  • Suitable for high-volume manufacture
  • Fast curing, short gel time
  • Low viscosity for easy potting and dispensing