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Potting, Casting & Encapsulating

Used extensively for the encapsulation of LED devices, but could be well suited for other applications that require a clear, optical grade encapsulation system.

Epoxies, silicones or hybrid technologies

Encapsulants, Castings & Coatings

Durable Transfer Mold Epoxies from SolEpoxy for Electrical Insulation

CAPLINQ is proud to partner with SolEpoxy, Inc. to supply its customers with high quality transfer mold epoxies. SolEpoxy manufactures a range of transfer mold epoxies that provide electrical insulation and environmental protection across a broad range of applications.

About SolEpoxy Inc.

SolEpoxy have a long history (since 1955!) of manufacturing epoxy coating powders for electrical insulation. SolEpoxy Inc. was founded in 2010 by Western New York investors who admired the remarkable legacy of innovation at the Olean R&D and manufacturing center. The company and the plant were formerly known as: Dexter Hysol, and Henkel. This plant is the basis for all the successes Hysol/Dexter and Henkel have made with producing innovative epoxy coating powders and mold compounds.

Today, SolEpoxy, Inc. stands upon the shoulders of giants, providing standard-setting epoxy-based specialty materials, along with the very best insight and know-how for customers who rely upon these materials to enable their own products to perform.

SolEpoxy is a niche player, compared with other giants in the market, and is proud of their huge R&D (7 labs) making it possible to develop tailor-made epoxies to protect your application from anything, nowadays still shipping thousands of tons of functional coating powders all over the world to the world’s biggest OE suppliers.

SolEpoxy retained their ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18000 certification together with:

  1. The same raw materials and suppliers
  2. The same production facilities and quality control systems
  3. The same product formulations and inspection programmes.
  4. The same experienced personnel
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Compare the Transfer Mold Epoxies you Need

Transfer Mold Epoxies vary widely in their composition and application. Transfer Mold Epoxies can be used for coil bobbins, fuel valves, automotive parts, engine control units (ECU) or other applications that require electrical insulation. Use our Transfer Mold Epoxy selector tool to help you choose the right transfer mold epoxy for your application.

View Technical Papers and Brochures

Transfer Mold Epoxy Technical Papers, Transfer Mold Epoxy Marketing Brochures, Transfer Mold Epoxies Technical Data Sheets and MSDS. If these are what you are looking for, then this is where you should be.

Read our Blog on Transfer Mold Epoxies

Everyday, people just like you have questions about transfer mold epoxies. At CAPLINQ, we try to help people just like you by blogging about transfer mold epoxies. From transfer mold epoxies prices to harmonization codes to product part numbers and leadtimes. We try to post as much information as we can on our blogs, to help you find more relevant information about transfer mold epoxies.

Applications for Transfer Mold Epoxies

Specific applications of these epoxy coating powders are in for electrically insulating coil bobbins, molding actuators or automotive sensors or applications that require a thermoset plastic to resist higher temperatures.

SolEpoxy offers a range of transfer mold epoxies that provide not only electrical insulation, but also environmental protection in a broad array of applications. Though the scope of the applications is broad, SolEpoxy have a large market of epoxy coating powders in two major areas:

  • Coil Bobbins
  • Fuel Valves and Solenoids
  • Automotive Actuators and Pencil Coils
  • Engine Control Units