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Low Viscosity Wax Conditioning Sheets WS210 Series

Product Description

The LINQSHEET WS series are wax conditioning sheets, used to protect the mold surface and ensure a good releasing effect after cleaning. LINQSHEET WS200 is a waxing sheet that provides the best balance between great mold protection and high workability. WS200 performs well in a wide range of molds being able to withstand a torque of 4 lb-in to 28 lb-in and has a curing time of only 300 seconds. Of the WS-series WS200 offers the best workability and the least candle odor. LINQSHEET WS210 is a special low viscosity version of the WS200 Series

As a cleaning product, the LINQSHEET rubber cleaning sheets are highly effective. LINQSHEET series rubber cleaning sheets have good flow characteristics which enable them to clean mold corners and thin gate areas easily. Unlike melamine cleaner, RCS cleaning sheets can even clean the air ventilation areas. When using LINQSHEET RCS series rubber cleaning sheets you will experience no mold abrasion or mold corrosion. You will need no dummy lead frame or preheating. The short cleaning time and enhanced cleaning will lead to improved production time results and will increase the productivity of your production line. The rubber cleaning sheets come in one size that will fit a variety of molds, so you can use one cleaning product for all your molds. All LINQSHEET rubber cleaning sheets have low fume times and only release relatively weak odors. Depending on your production priorities you can choose your best suited LINQSHEET RCS series product. There is RCS100 with the highest cleaning performance, RCS200 with strong workability and the lowest odor, RCS300 which provides an amine free cleaning alternative, and finally RCS400 which provides a carcinogen free cleaning alternative.


LINQSHEET RCS Rubber cleaning sheets are used to eliminate pollutants and stains on mold surfaces. They are extremely well suited for production lines that work with Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). Rubber cleaning sheets can remove contamination of molds used in the semiconductor industry for products such as as integrated circuits, diodes, transistors, and LEDs in both physical and chemical mechanisms.

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270 mm
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7.0 mm 7 mm
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