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Kluber Microlube GLY92

Harmonization Code : 2712.90.00 |   Other Mineral Waxes, Similar Products Obtained By Synthesis
Main features
  • For lubrication of rolling and plain bearings
  • Excellent Low temperature characteristics
  • Good corrosion protection

Product Description

MICROLUBE GLY92 is a special grease incorporating a partially synthetic base and a lithium special soap thickener. The product is considered special in terms of its good corrosion protection characteristics and water resistance.

MICROLUBE GLY 92 is intended for the lubrication of rolling and plain bearings, especially those subject to both high and low temperature influences. Special fields of application are cardan shafts, needle roller bearings, gears and motors as well as the fixed and detachable rope grips of ski lifts, where MICROLUBE GLY 92 has proven successful particularly due to its good low temperature and anticorrosive characteristics.

Product Benefits

  • Excellent low-temperature characteristics
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Good water resistance
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25 kg Pail
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