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LinqSil LSC200 Two-Part Liquid Silicone Semiconductor Junction Coating

Main features
  • Two-part liquid silicone coating
  • For protection and passivation of semiconductor junctions.
  • Ionic purity levels of max 1 ppm

Product Description

LinqSil LSC200 liquid silicone junction coatings, are high purity, 100% solids, siloxane systems designed for semiconductor junction coatings. The LinqSil LSC200 coatings are two-part silicone coatings with a heat cure. Demanding production procedures and rigid quality control requirements guarantee ionic purity levels of maximum 1 ppm.

LinqSil LSC200 junction coatings will prevent electrical breakdown, minimize junction surface leakage and stabilize peak inverse voltage, and provide environmental protection for high temperature performance and thermal cycling. LinqSil LSC200 is designed for passivation coating of transistor, diode and rectifier junctions.

Typical applications of the LinqSil LSC200 liquid silicone coating systems include conformal coatings that are used to provide mechanical and electrical insulation prior to plastic molding, protective coatings over hybrid integrated circuits to prevent chip damage during potting and other ultra-pure, hermetic-type passivations of semiconductors to create a shell against corrosion.

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Product Part Number
LinqSil LSC200-SeriesLinqSil LSC200 Two-Part Liquid Silicone Semiconductor Junction Coating  

Coming Soon

This product is currently under development. We are working to get it available online as soon as possible. Please contact us for information on current project status.