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LinqSil S-200 Silicone Mold Release Aerosol - Red Label

Harmonization Code : 3910.00.00 |   Silicones in Primary Forms
Main features
  • For EPDM, nitrile, rubber thermoplastics
  • Stable at high operating temperatures
  • Red Label

Product Description

LinqSil™ Series mold release agents are high-performance, high operating temperature mold release agents designed to release epoxy, epoxy mold compounds, polyurethane, polyester resins, EPDM, nitrile, thermoplastics and flexible or rigid integral foams from their molds. LinqSil S-200™ is a versatile, high performance and high operating temperature stable, silicone-based mold release agent suitable for most EPDM, nitrile, rubber and thermoplastics. LinqSil™ S-100 Series is an excellent mold release agent for epoxy mold, and LinqSil™ S300 is the best option for flexible or rigid integral foams.

In order to have the best results during the production process, a thin uniform thickness of a layer of the LinqSil S-200™ mixture should be sprayed on the mold. The release agent has no build up on the mold and should show a shiny surface, when properly applied.

Product Applications

    Current commercial applications of LinqSil S-200 include:
  • Mold Release Agent for EPDM Synthetic Rubbers
  • Mold Release Agent for Nitrile Molding
  • Mold Release Agent for Thermoplastic Molding
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Product Part Number
LinqSil S-200 Red Label-SeriesLinqSil S-200 Silicone Mold Release Aerosol - Red Label  

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