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MCL-C10 Melamine Compression-Grade Mold Cleaning Tablets

Harmonization Code : 3909.20.00.90 |   Amino-resins, phenolic resins and polyurethanes, in primary forms : Melamine resins : Other
Main features
  • Melamine-based mold cleaner
  • Effectively cleans molds using epoxy
  • Suitable for compression and transfer mold machines

Product Description

Compression-grade melamine mold cleaning compound for compression and transfer mold machines

MCL-C10WT is a compression-grade melamine mold cleaning compound designed for cleaning transfer molding equipment and epoxy molds. MCL-C10WT molds very easily and effectively. Most cleaning processes need no more than three shots to completely clean molds of all stains and residues.

MCL-C10WT can be supplied in loose powder, in granular form or as preformed pellets. Powder or preforms are typically supplied in boxes ranging from 1kg to 10kg depending on custopmer preference.

MCL-C10WT is a compression grade melamine mold compound designed for the cleaning of mold stain deposited during the molding of epoxy molding compound for encapsulation of leadframe products like capacitors, resistors or semiconductor IC chips. If you require a Transfer Grade Melamine Mold Compound, the kind that is used for other shapes likes coil windings, please contact us for more details.

Melamine Mold Cleaning can be accomplished by compression molding at the same condition as that of the epoxy molding compound. The recommended cleaning procedure is:
Step 1: Do 10 shots of Melamine at 175C for 300s (adjust mold conditions depending on results)
Step 2: Do 3-5 shots of Mold conditioner at 175C for 180s
Step 3: Run 2 shots of dummy shots of epoxy molding compound
Step 4: Resume production as usual
The material has a very short spiral flow and therefore, is only recommended for cleaning using a COMPRESSION MOLDING process. If a transfer mold cleaning process is desired, please contact us for a proper recommendation.

Advantages of MCL-C10WT Compression Mold Cleaner

  • Made for transfer-mold equipment
  • Compression-grade
  • Used in production for the cleaning of epoxy mold compound
  • Used on conventional and automold presses

Typical applications and uses of MCL-C10WT include:

  • Cleaning epoxy transfer mold equipment
  • Cleaning phenolic resin transfer mold equipment
  • Cleaning urethane transfer mold equipment
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