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Molding Compounds

Epoxy Resin Molding Compounds for Electrical Insulation and Protection


Molding Compounds

Epoxy Resin Molding Compounds for Electrical Insulation and Protection

CAPLINQ offers a range of epoxy mold compounds for encapsulation of various electrical and electronic devices.

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Compare Products
18 products

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Compare the Epoxy Mold Compounds you Need

Epoxy Mold Compounds can be used for coil bobbins, fuel valves, automotive parts, engine control units (ECU) or other applications that require electrical insulation. Use our Transfer Mold Epoxy selector tool to help you choose the right transfer mold epoxy for your application.

View Technical Papers and Brochures

Epoxy Mold Compound Technical Papers, Transfer Mold Epoxy Marketing Brochures, Transfer Mold Epoxies Technical Data Sheets and SDS. If these are what you are looking for, then this is where you should be.

Read our Blog on Epoxy Mold Compounds

Everyday, people just like you have questions about transfer mold epoxies. At CAPLINQ, we try to help people just like you by blogging about transfer mold epoxies. From transfer mold epoxies prices to harmonization codes to product part numbers and leadtimes. We try to post as much information as we can on our blogs, to help you find more relevant information about transfer mold epoxies.

Participate in Epoxy Mold Compound Forum

Not getting the answers on transfer mold epoxies you need from our blog? Are you tired of spending hours searching the internet only to end up exhausted without the right answers? Post your transfer mold epoxy question in our forum and attract like-minded professionals to respond.