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Optically Clear Encapsulants

CAPLINQ OPTOLINQ™ OLS-Series are a family of optically clear (often called “water-white”) liquid encapsulants that are used to encapsulate optical or optoelectronic devices that require both a high level of light transmittance as well as a good level of mechanical protection. Products in this OLS-Series family can be epoxies, silicones or hybrid technologies. They are used extensively for the encapsulation of LED devices, but could be well suited for other applications that require a clear, optical grade encapsulation system.

Clear Liquid Encapsulants and Casting Materials for a range of applications

Used in a range of applications ranging from optoelectronics opt-couplers or LED devices or even used for casting components, CAPLINQ Optolinq series materials maintain water-white clarity even when exposed to higher temperatures or UV radiation.

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6 products
Compare Products
6 products

Product Selector Guide

Optically Clear Liquid Encapsulant Selector Chart

Please use the table below to select the product that best fits your requirements.

Optolinq™ Optically Clear Liquid Encapsulant and Casting Compounds
Property Unit Product Names
Top of Page
Optically clear liquid encapsulants and casting materials
Manufactured, sold and serviced by Caplinq Corporation
Chemistry Type N/A
Key Benefits of Chemistry Type N/A
Mix ratio :
Shore A
Shore D
Glass Transition Temperature, Tg °C
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE)
Alpha 1
Alpha 2

Refractive Index N/A
Optical Transmittance
Initial, @ 460nm
After 1000 hrs @ 125°C, @ 460nm

Sulphur Resistance - ■■■□ ■■■□ ■■■□ ■■■□
Sulphur Resistance - ■■■□ ■■■□ ■■■□ ■■■□
Relative Cost - $ $$$$ $$$ $$
Applications best suited for
Low-Power LED Encapsulation, Tj < 80°C N/A ■■■■ ■□□□ ■■■□ ■■□□
Mid-Power LED Encapsulation 80°C < Tj < 115°C N/A ■■■□ ■□□□ ■■□□ ■■■■
High-Power LED Encapsulation Tj < 150°C N/A □□□□ ■■■■ ■■■□ ■■□□

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Clear liquid compounds can be epoxies, silicones or hybrids. They can be one-part or two part and can have a range of properties. Often, the best way to sort through them is to compare them.

Optically clear encapsulant

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At CAPLINQ, we try to help people just like you by blogging about optically clear liquid encapsulants and compounds. From chemistry type to application method to pricing to harmonization codes to product part numbers and lead times. We try to post as much information as we can on our blogs, to help you find more relevant information about opto liquid encapsulants.

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