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Polyester Tapes and Films

CAPLINQ is proud to offer its own LINQTAPE™ PET-Series brand of high-performance, flexible, polyester film for a range of applications.


Polyester Tapes and Films

Polyester Film, Polyester Tape and other PET Products

CAPLINQ is proud to offer its own LINQTAPE™ PET-Series brand of high-performance, flexible, polyester film for a range of applications.

High Performance Polyester Tape and Film

Polyester is a less-expensive material, but is limited to applications that have a maximum of 180°C. Therefore, it is preferred over polyester for applications up to 180°C. These applications include but are not limited to masking, temporary bonding, and splicing in industries that range from semiconductor, to automotive to general manufacturing. For applications that see temperatures up to 260°C, then you should use polyimide tapes and films.

LINQTAPE™ PET-Series films and tapes typically come in 33 meter (36 yard) length rolls of varying widths. and the base polyester film (backing) thickness range is between 1-mil (25µm) and 5-mil (125µm) thick. Other widths, lengths and thicknesses may be available upon request.

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Product Selector Guide

Polyester Tape & Film
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Adhesive Type
Thickness in mil (um) Peel Strength
Rating (°C)
Voltage (V)
Colors Remarks
Polyester Backing Film
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Linqtape Polyester Tape & Film
Standard Length of Rolls is 36 yards (33 meters)
PET1S   Silicone 1mil (25µm) ± 3mil (70µm) 6.4 (38) 180°C 4200 Red, Blue, Yellow Does not leave residue after removal
PET2S   Silicone 2mil (50µm) ± 3.5mil 7.3 (30) 180°C 7000 Red, Green, Yellow Available in Red, Green and Yellow
PET1A   Silicone 5mil (125µm) ± 6.5mil (165µm) 7.1 (26) 155°C 4200 Clear, Yellow, Black Heavy Duty. Dielectric Strength >19,000V
PET1R   Rubber 2mil (50µm) ± 4mil (100µm) 7.1 (26) 130°C 4200 Clear, Yellow, Black Used in Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) Applications

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Polyester film and tape vary widely in their composition and application. Polyester tapes may have silicone or silicone-free or adhesive, whereas polyester film has no adhesive. Polyester film can be as thin as 0.5 mil or as thick as 5 mil. Polyester tape can be single-sided or double-sided and may come with or without release liner. Our Polyester Tape and polyester Film Selector tool can help you choose the right polyester tape for your application.

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Polyester Tape Technical Papers and Brochures

Polyester Tape Technical Papers, Polyester Film Marketing Brochures, Polyester Tape and Polyester Film Technical Data Sheets, Polyester Tape MSDS. If these are what you are looking for, then this is where you should be.

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