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Spectracarb 2225 Activated Carbon Fabric

Harmonization Code : 6815.10.10.00 |   Articles of stone or of other mineral substances, not elsewhere specified or included; Non-electrical articles of graphite or other carbon; Carbon fibres and articles of carbon fibres
Main features
  • Spectracarb 2225 Series
  • Activated Carbon Fabric
  • High-surface-area, drapeable cloth

Product Description

Spectracarb™ 2225 Activated Carbon Fabric (ACF) is a high surface-area, drapeable cloth that is used in various electrochemical devices including ultracapacitors, electrical double layer capacitors, and battery electrodes. Spectracarb 2225 ACF also serves as the high surface area electrode in many electrochemical purification and electrosorption processes, as well as unique applications such as a carrier for thin film oxides in various devices. In addition to the commercial applications of Spectracarb ACF, its use continuous to be cited in numerous research programs and articles related to energy storage, purification and electrochemical processes.

Ultracapacitor performance and energy storage is a direct function of surface area available, and Spectracarb 2225 ACF meets that objective through the open pore structure of the carbon fibers. Because of the high tensile strength of both fibers and fabric, Spectracarb 2225 ACF is also being used in the development of structural electrochemical devices.

Advantages of EFT Fibers' Spectracarb 2225 Series Activated Carbon Fabric

The Spectracarb 2225 has the following special features:

  • Woven fabric construction /no dusting
  • One-hundred percent carbon fiber with no additional binders
  • High surface area suited for specialty electrochemical and chemical filtration applications
  • Highly effective energy storage
  • Suitable for electrosorption processes
  • High drape, conformability, rollable to very small radius

Spectracarb 2225 Series Sizes and Availability

Spectracarb 2225 ACF is available in continuous rolls 105 cm (42 in) wide, or in sizes as small as 300 x 300 mm for research and development projects. Custom sizes and other customer defined sizes and shapes, mmay also be available. Please ask us for details.

Spectracarb 2225 Activated Carbon Fabric Series Grades

  • Spectracarb 2225-900: Standard grade 2225-900 is our base series activated carbon fabric used in electrochemcial devices including ultracapcitors, electrical double-layer capacitors and battery electrodes. The key property is the product's specific surface area (BET) which is measured to be 2,500 m²/g.
  • Customer Specific Grades: It is also possible to make Hybrid constructions in the Multi-layer constructions. Contact us to discuss any special requirements, or for the design and production of grades for your specific requirement.
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Product Family
GDL-ACF Fabric  
300 mm
0.3 m
0.5 mm

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Technical Specifications

General Properties
Basis Weight
Basis Weight
Basis weight refers to the weight measured in pounds off 500 sheets of paper in that paper’s basic sheet size.
135 g/m2
Specific Surface Area (BET) 2500 m2/g
Chemical Properties
Benzene Adsorption 65 %
Iodine Adsorption 2050 mg/g
Electrical Properties
Volume Resistivity
Volume Resistivity
Volume resistivity, also called volume resistance, bulk resistance or bulk resistivity is a thickness dependent measurement of the resistivity of a material perpendicular to the plane of the surface.
2 Ohms⋅cm

Additional Information

Pricing & Availability

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