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Natural Tapioca Products

Native Food-Grade Tapioca Products from African Soil in Gabon, Africa

From ANK Gabon

Tapioca Products

CAPLINQ is proud to announce its native tapioca starch partnership with ANK Gabon. This partnership allows Native Tapioca Starch, produced in cassava starch fields of Gabon, Africa to be distributed worldwide by ocean freight from the port in Libreville, Gabon Africa. Historically, tapioca starch has been sourced from countries such as Vietnam and Thailand and shipped by sea to the country where it will be used. Though this makes sense for countries in South-East Asia, this simply adds costs and transit time to an otherwise low-priced commodity.

Africa, and specifically Gabon has a climate that is ideally suited for growing and producing tapioca starch, where the cassava starch roots grow very quickly with little irrigation. Large volume tapioca starch production however was nearly impossible however until recently as Gabon lacked the infrastructure, machinery and know-how to meet the specifications the industry both requires and expects. Since 2008, in cooperation and with the help of the Gabon President and government, ANK Gabon has steadily been building an ultra-modern tapioca starch production factory to produce food-grade quality native tapioca starch and has plans to move into starch-derivative products within a few years.

Small scale tapioca starch production has been running since January 2010, and the first cassava starch production volumes are scheduled to be ready by March 2010. Given the equipment and processes, the production capacities in Gabon, Africa should ramp up to full capacity of 2,500 tonnes/month of tapioca starch by the end of April 2010 - for an annual tapioca starch production of 30,000 metric tonnes per year.

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