Careers – Join the CAPLINQ team!

CAPLINQ is a specialty chemicals, plastics and products manufacturer and service provider whose business serves both sides of the supply and demand curve.  On the one side, our customers are the end users of the products we supply.  On the other side, our customers are the suppliers of these specialty chemicals and plastics.

To this end, we have two distinct business models:

Manufacturer & Distributor: We develop, manufacture and distribute a range of specialty chemicals, plastics and products worldwide

Market Partner: Our services help foreign suppliers looking to expand their business overseas:

  • Order Fulfillment – ”A European presence without a European entity”
  • REACH Only Representative – ”Chemical Importer of Record into Europe”
  • Technical Representation – “Sales engineers & onsite technical support
  • Technical Marketing – “Building brand & product awareness: on/offline”

CAPLINQ has expertise in both specialty chemicals and global logistics and serves customers in more than 40 countries.  Above all, we believe in exploiting the technology available to let computers do what they do best so that the people we work with can do things that only people can do.

As a small, but fast-growing company, we always consider serious applications by highly motivated individuals interested in becoming the best they can be in their respective fields.   No matter what direction the markets may be headed, CAPLINQ is always looking for passionate, curious & energetic people to join our team.

If this sounds like the kind of person you are, please view our current openings. We’d love to hear from you!