Multi-Layer Insulation (MLI) using Polyimide Film with Sputtered Aluminized Coating

Mul­ti-Lay­er Insu­la­tion (MLI blan­kets) are usu­al­ly used in devices that are exposed to both extremes heat and cold. Aim­ing to pro­tect inter­nal and exter­nal appli­ca­tions from UV radi­a­tion, atom­ic oxy­gen, and mechan­i­cal stresses.

The lay­ers of the MLI blan­kets are nor­mal­ly com­pose of poly­imide film. With lay­ers of alu­minum on one or both sides of the film to build reflec­tor lay­ers. Mate­ri­als with low con­duc­tiv­i­ty sep­a­rate the alu­minum layers.

All the lay­ers form­ing the MLI blan­kets aims to pro­tect the sys­tem. By avoid­ing exces­sive heat loss from inner com­po­nents or exces­sive heat­ing from out­side sources.

Multi-layer insulation for spacecraft application

One com­mon appli­ca­tion of Mul­ti-lay­er insu­la­tion is on ther­mal-con­trol ele­ments on space­craft. Also, typ­i­cal­ly used to pro­tect inter­nal pro­pel­lant tanks, pro­pel­lant lines, sol­id rock­et motors, and cryo­genic dewars.

On space­craft, MLI blan­kets can pre­vent both exces­sive heat loss from a com­po­nent and exces­sive heat­ing from oth­er sources.

Mul­ti-lay­er insu­la­tion pro­tects also satel­lites. The MLI blan­kets has con­duc­tive lay­ers that can charge up in the space envi­ron­ment and con­se­quent­ly cause elec­tro­sta­t­ic discharges.

Besides being used for lim­it­ing the heat flow to and from a space­craft, poly­imide film with alu­minum coat­ing may also pro­tect against microm­e­te­oroids, atom­ic oxy­gen (AO), elec­tron charge accu­mu­la­tion, and rock­et-engine plume impingement.

CAPLINQ presents the new Polyimide Film: Linqstat™ PIT1N-Alum Series

For Mul­ti-Lay­er Insu­la­tion, CAPLINQ presents the new Poly­imide Film with Sput­tered Alu­minized Coat­ing: Lin­q­s­tat™ PIT1N-Alum Series.

This alu­minized poly­imide film is a high per­for­mance, high-tem­per­a­ture resis­tant alu­minized poly­imide film, formed by sput­ter­ing alu­minum onto poly­imide using an alu­minum vac­u­um depo­si­tion method.

Polyimide film for mli Multi-Layer Insulation blanketsThis com­bi­na­tion of mate­ri­als pro­vides a very heat resis­tant, mechan­i­cal­ly and chem­i­cal­ly sta­ble, radi­a­tion-resis­tant, and self-extin­guish­ing prod­uct that has very high ther­mal con­duc­tiv­i­ty and EMI shielding.

Also known as vac­u­um deposit­ed alu­minum or VDA poly­imide film, CAPLINQ Lin­q­s­tat™ PIT1N-Alum Series has great fea­tures like excel­lent elec­tri­cal, ther­mal, phys­i­cal and chem­i­cal prop­er­ties over a wide tem­per­a­ture range, mak­ing them supe­ri­or for elec­tri­cal insu­la­tion applications.

Vis­it to learn more about the Poly­imide Film with Sput­tered Alu­minized Coat­ing: Lin­q­s­tat™ PIT1N-Alum Series or about all CAPLINQ Poly­imide tapes and films prod­ucts. You can alsocon­tact us if you have fur­ther ques­tions on how you can use Lin­q­s­tat™ for MLI blan­kets applications.

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