Specialty Chemicals, Adhesives & Plastics
CAPLINQ is a supplier of specialty chemicals, plastics and products for the semiconductor, eMobility, renewable energy and electronics assembly markets.
Electrochemical Materials
Electrochemical materials include ion exchange membranes, carbon papers, carbon cloth, and conductive films, as well as other materials such as catalysts, electrodes, and separators.

These materials play a crucial role in various electrochemical processes such as water treatment, fuel cells, electrolyzers, batteries, and electroplating.
Semiconductor & PCB Assembly Materials
A leading supplier of die attach materials, epoxy molding compounds, electrically conductive epoxies and other semiconductor and PCB assembly materials.
Thermal Interface Materials
We offer a variety of products with high thermal conductivity and high compressibility, including Phase change materials, thermal gap pads, Thermal Hybrid, thermal grease, thermal insulators, and more.
Order Fulfillment & Distribution
Specialized in the transport, warehousing and distribution of specialty chemicals & plastics

CAPLINQ offers a range of specialty chemicals, tapes and films and cleaners.

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Deo Navaja: Technical Service Manager
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Meet Sadie Mahony : Order Processing Administrator
We are happy to introduce Sadie Mahony, our newest addition to the CAPLINQ family, stepping into the role of Order Processing Administrator! Sadie’s recent experience at The Adecco Group as a...
Introducing Pankaj Beniwal: Sales Engineer for India
We are happy to announce the newest addition to our CAPLINQ family, Pankaj Beniwal, who joins us as a Sales Engineer based in India! Pankaj will be an integral part of our global sales team,...