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Integrated Circuits

Integrated circuits


Leadframe and Laminate
Quad Flat No Lead (QFN/DFN)

Quad Flat No Lead (QFN/DFN)

What are QFN/DFN packages?

Quad-flat no-leads (QFN) and dual-flat no-leads (DFN) packages are used to physically and electrically connect integrated circuits to PCBs. They are leadframe based chip scale packages with pads instead of legs or pins for their electrical connections.

  • Quad because they have connections to all four sides of the package. Quad is a word of latin origin that means four or fourth.
  • Flat because it is a flatpack surface mount component. Flat packages are defined as rectangular or square packages with leads parallel to the base plane, attached on two opposing sides of the package periphery. In our case it is on all four sides. Hence the Quad. That's also where DFNs or Dual flats come in. They are describing pretty much the same thing.
  • No lead because they don't have any pins, legs, however you want to call them.


Caplinq offers a variety of products designed for QFN/DFN packages.

Epoxy molding compounds

Molding compounds for QFN packages don't just need to be high end with high filler loading. They also need to have low stress, low moisture absorption, high adhesion, low viscosity and more.

For example a lower release force of a product from the GR 900 product line can help the production line with more continuous mold shots. Or a good adhesion force post mold cure and after MSL testing makes sure that we will have a good delamination performance.

We want to make sure that the packages will pass all Reliability tests such as SAT, PCT, TCT, HTST and THT without any defects. The products need to have excellent copper wire compatibility, good fluidity to avoid wire sweeping and also meet UL94 V0 rating.

To add to this list of requirements, MSL3-MSL1 260°C is a plus and also the material needs to be "Green" without Br/Sb and comply with Rohs. Simple, right?

That's why we singled out some products that we recommend to mold a QFN package and they are:

  • Hysol GR900C
  • Hysol GR900 Q1L4
  • Hysol GR900 HD6/HD3A re under development