Smart Cards


Flip chip and Wire bonded

Glob top, Dam & Fill, Transfer mold

Wire Bonded

Wirebonded smart card modules are typically going through the following process:

  1. Dispense die attach
  2. Place die on the substrate and Heat Cure
  3. Wire bonding
  4. Apply encapsulant and Cure (Heat or UV)
  5. Dimension and position of Encapsulation

The dispensing volume needs to be fast and constant (10-15k UPH) and ensure that they minimize the wear out and maintain a long life time of the dispense head. 



Dam and Fill is a method that uses a highly thixotropic and accurate dam around the die and then floods it with the fill. This method enables tighthly controlled height, dispensing and board design. It is the ideal solution for larger dies, such as sim cards, and mainly for dies up to 10x10mm. It is typically square to evenly distribute the stress, post cure.

Glob top is a more simplistic and less controlled dispensing method that is used for smaller dies. It is easier to flow uncontrollably around the chip and the end result is usually thicker since we need a bigger "blob" in the middle to cover everything around it. It is the industry standard since it is generally faster and requires fewer processing steps.

There are Heat and UV cure options for both methods.

Products recommended for Smartcard Encapsulation:

Dam Fill Glob Top
UV Cure Heat Cure UV Cure Heat Cure UV Cure Heat Cure
- FP4451 UV8800M-X FP4450HF UV8800M-X EO1016
  FP4451TD       EO7021


Die attach for Smartcard IC


  2030SC 2030SCR 8384 ACP3122 2033SC 2035SC 2035SCR ABP2501 8387BM EO7029 ATB110U NCP5209
Conductivity Conductive Non Conductive
Chemistry Hybrid Hybrid Epoxy Epoxy Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid Epoxy Epoxy Epoxy Hybrid
Type Paste Paste Paste Paste Paste Paste Paste Paste Paste Paste Film Paste
Cure 90s @110°C 120s @120°C 180s @130°C 5s @150°C (TC) 90s @110°C 90s @110°C 120s @120°C 90s @110°C 60min @100°C 5min @150°C 30min @120°C 2-4s @250°C (TC)
Modulus@RT 3300 1500 4800 2400 2100 2500 1500 1430 1900 NA 875 7300
Modulus@150°C 350 240 190 200 30 70 80 80 120 NA 3 NA