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Temperature Data Loggers

Cold, Frozen & Dry Ice data loggers


Temperature Data Loggers

Temperature data loggers are small, easy-to-use, reliable temperature data logging systems at affordable prices. Data loggers automatically collect and store information about the environment in which your goods travel.

The data logging systems monitor temperature and they collect and store this information so that they can be reported at a later date. Our loggers are either USB that can be connected directly to a computer and generate a PDF report without proprietary software, or tiny battery like devices that fit anywhere and need an adaptor to connect.

Cold, frozen or dry ice supply chains, we have specially designed monitoring devices for each case. They are preconfigured devices, ready to use with the push of a button. We are currently developing loggers with wifi, bluetooth and GPS tracking so reach out to us with your supply chain requirements.

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Compare Products
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Product Selector Guide

Product Selector Chart for Data Loggers
Technical Specifications Comments
Digital / Analog Software Recording Cycle Temperature Range
Temperature Data Loggers and Data Acquisition Systems
Used for Cold Supply Chain Monitoring and Cold Good Transportation
Smartlinq Temperature Data Logger
90 days -30°C to +70°C
-22°F to +158°F
Cold Supply Chain Monitoring
Low cost and reliable
TempMate Temperature Data Logger
90 days -30°C to +70°C
-40°F to +158°F
Cold Supply Chain Monitoring
Best-in-class Reliability
TempMate Dummy Unit
N/A N/A N/A N/A Dummy Unit
For demonstration purposes only

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the validation certificate good for?

The calibration certificate is valid for one year after the date of sale and two years after the manufacturing date. The certificate examines if the data logger batch is within tolerance in a range of operating temperatures.

Can we use these data loggers for blood samples and medical applications?

A lot of our customers ship medical equipment and highly sensitive instruments. Even though we cannot share specific customer data, you can definitely use them to ship blood samples and other temperature sensitive materials.

What is the data logger compatibility with Operating systems?

The data loggers should work fine for any Windows device with an integrated usb port. Windows 7 and Windows 10 are supported. Most MacOS releases are also compatible and even though we haven't tried linux yet, we can do it upon request.

What data do these temperature data loggers report?

The data report provides a table with the date, time and temperature recorded for each data point. The log interval depends on the type of the data logger and whether it is programmable. You can also find the Start and Stop time, the total number of data points and the total trip length. Temperature wise, you get the minimum, maximum, MKT and average temperatures.

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Applications for Data Logging Systems

Data loggers are used in many industries and for many critical applications including:

  • Epoxy and Chemical Transportation
  • Pharmaceutical Transportation
  • Blood Transportation
  • Vaccine Delivery
  • Food, Meat and Dairy Transport
  • Flowers, Plants & Trees
  • Varnishes