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Graphitized Carbon Papers

Gas Diffusion Layer (GDL) sheets are porous, graphitized, resin bonded carbon fiber papers and multi-ply panels specifically designed for use in PEM, AEM, DMFC and PAFC fuel cells, Electrolyzers, Humidifiers and Other Electrochemical Devices. 

These products are optimized, among other, for their electrical conductivity, mechanical strength and durability, gas/air permeability and water management. Spectracarb GDLs are produced in the USA and are available in a wide range of standard and custom grades, densities, sizes and materials for fuel cells, electrolyzers, humidifiers, specialty batteries and other electrochemical applications. They can be coated, inked or loaded as Anode or Cathode catalyst layers for Membrane electrode assemblies. CAPLINQ offers the full range of GinerELX (previously known as Engineered Fibers Technology) product line.

All of our default Gas difussion layer panel sizes are either 40 x 40cm or 55 x 55 cm with custom sizes available for special orders and larger quantities. Sheet thicknesses range from as low as 1.9mm (75mil) to as thick as 22mm (840mil). Densities of the panels range from as low as 0.5 g/cc to 0.775 g/cc.

Custom sizes, machined discs, and other customer defined shapes, as well as machining, water proofing and surface grinding services are also available. Contact us with your query.

Product Selector Guide

Spectracarb 2050A Series properties
Product Thickness Thickness (mm) Density Required Loading for 12.5% ± 0.5% Strain Through-Plane Resistivity Standard size
Spectracarb 0850 .0075" ±.001"

0.19 ±0.02 0.5 g/cm³ ± 0.075 

100 lbf/in² ± 50

100 mOhm-cm @175 lbf/in² 16 x 16"
Spectracarb 1050 .011" ±.001" 0.28 ±0.02 0.5 g/cm³ ± 0.075  100 lbf/in² ± 50 100 mOhm-cm @175 lbf/in² 16 x 16"
Spectracarb 1550 .0145" ±.001" 0.37 ±0.02 0.5 g/cm³ ± 0.075  100 lbf/in² ± 50 100 mOhm-cm @175 lbf/in² 16 x 16"
Spectracarb 6060 .06" ±.005" 1.5 ±0.12  0.6 g/cm³ ± 0.075   300 lbf/in² ± 100 100 mOhm-cm @175 lbf/in² 22 x 22"
Spectracarb 7090 .064" ±.003" 1.6 ±0.07  0.775 g/cm³ ± 0.075   400 lbf/in² ± 150 100 mOhm-cm @175 lbf/in² 22 x 22"
Spectracarb 7090XT .084" ±.003" 2.1 ±0.07  0.775 g/cm³ ± 0.075   400 lbf/in² ± 150 100 mOhm-cm @175 lbf/in² 22 x 22"

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Graphitized Carbon Panels Presentation

Presented at Hannover Messe April 2016

Did you stumble upon us while looking for a legacy product code?

In December 2018 GinerELX acquired the entirety of the Engineered Fibers Technology (EFT) company including branding, manufacturing, stock and all of the company’s assets while naturally inheriting their entire customer base. Caplinq Europe BV remains the European representative of Spectracarb products. As part of their acquisition, GinerELX analyzed the existing business model and realized that they had to completely transform and reorganize the costs and production lines, reevaluate the product portfolio and manufacturing process to ensure that they can continue providing exceptional quality and service.

As a result, effective August the 1st, GinerELX has adapted or completely removed some of the product lines to reflect the services GinerELX’s clients mostly need.

The renewed/remaining products are the ones listed in our Product selector guide. If the products you used to find are not listed then they are discontinued.


Legacy Spectracarb product codes

  • 2050 HF: Other special grades include “2050 HF” with higher mean pore size and increased permeability.
  • 2050 HT: Spectracarb GDL can also be manufactured in the density and thickness ranges shown above, but using modified processing to achieve higher electrical conductivity and improved corrosion resistance with our ”2050 HT” Series for use in PAFC and other special products.
  • 2050 L: Spectracarb GDL thin papers and thicker panels can also be provided on special order in a “2050 L” grade which is carbonized at a lower maximum temperature to provide a lower-cost product for humidifiers and other special products.
  • 2050 P: Both papers and panels can also be provided on special order in our “2050 P Series” where additional purification can be conducted to provide trace elements
  • 2050 WP: Wet proofed grades incorporating a microporous hydrophobic layer of any of the Spectracarb series can be provided through a partner company.
  • Customer Specific Grades: It is also possible to make Hybrid constructions in the Multi-layer constructions. Contact us to discuss any special requirements, or for the design and production of grades for your specific requirement.
  • 2225 Activated fabric is also discontinued.