Nomex Films

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Nomex Films

Nomex films are Aramide based films that can be produced in multiple laminate layouts with Polyimide or various Adhesives.

NKN films are two-ply and three-ply laminates constructed of Nomex paper bonded to Polyimide film at high temperature. They have good dielectric properties, high heat resistance and high mechanical strength.

NKN means Nomex - Kapton - Nomex. Even though Kapton is just the registered trademark of Polyimide, a trademark that has expired a long time ago, the abbreviation remained NKN (instead of slowly phasing into NPN). They come into various layer thicknesses, ranging from 2-1-2 mil laminates up to 5-5-5.

Nomex Polyimide Nomex films are great insulators for slot, phase, turn to turn, liner and barrier applications in rotating motors. They can be used as transformer and inductor windings while being a popular choice for a wide range of electrical applications.