Encapsulants and Underfills

Encapsulants and Underfills for Semiconductor packaging & Optical grade LED encapsulation

Epoxies, silicones or hybrid technologies

Encapsulants & Underfills

High purity liquid epoxy self-leveling encapsulants are designed to work together as dam and fill materials for bare chip encapsulation, protecting gold wire bonds and silicon die from mechanical damage and corrosion. Although these materials are typically used together in dam and fill applications, the low viscosity "fill" materials can be used alone in devices that contain a cavity. Encapsulants can meet stringent JEDEC level testing requirements and are compatible with the high temperature processing demanded for lead-free assembly.
Chip on Board Liquid Encapsulants cure to form void-free globs when exposed to heat, with formulations for low CTE, minimizing stress on wire bonds during thermal cycling. These encapsulants are easy-to-dispense, minimize induced stresses, provide improved temperature cycling performance, and offer excellent chemical resistance.

Underfills offer easy reworkability as well as excellent vibration and impact resistance. These underfills offer many processing advantages such as fast flow, fast cure, and long pot life. Our new Cornerbond technology fits easily into an SMT process flow and eliminates a separate underfill dispense and cure process, saving time and money.
Flip chip underfills are used in devices such as FC CSPs and FC BGAs for ASICs, chipsets, graphics chips, digital processors, and microprocessors. These fast flow materials permeate easily under large die. Offering excellent adhesion when used with a variety of no-clean fluxes, these underfills will not crack after thermal shock or thermal cycling.