Data Loggers, Indicators & Packaging

For products that require their supply chain to be measured and monitored

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Supply Chain Management

Control your Supply Chain!

Without any exception, all the products CAPLINQ supplies needs to be shipped. Many of these products need to be shipped either refrigerated or frozen, meaning at temperatures of 0°C, -20°C or in some cases as low a -40°C. Some products need to controlled for humidity and still others need to be tracked using wireless technology. As a result, we have become experts in Supply Chain Management, and specifically Cold Supply Chain Management. Part of the reason for our success are the tools we use to package, monitor, indicate and track the goods we are shipping.

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Indicators are simple, cost-effective monitoring solutions to let you know if your goods have gone outside the acceptable limits of their environmental conditions during shipping. Indicators can include humidity indicators, temperature indicators, freeze/boil indicators or any other such limit that products may encounter during shipping.

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Wireless & RFID Tags

Wireless solutions include RFID tags and are useful in wirelessly capturing many aspects of the goods in your supply chain. Examples include product location, environmental conditions, temperature, product technical details or product lot number specifications.

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Packaging & Flight Packs

Goods that ship refrigerated or frozen have special packaging requirements. Dry ice and gel packs can be cold or heavy and can damage packaging materials not meant specifically for that purpose. Flight packs ensure that your cold or frozen goods are properly packaged so that they can properly packaged and shipped.

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