Foil Insulated Packing Boxes

Ideal for Blue and Dry Ice shipments


Insulated Packing boxes

LINQPAK foil insulated boxes for cold and dry ice shipments are commonly part of our Order Fulfillment Service but now we can also supply them as standalone products.  LINQPAK foil insulation shipping boxes are temperature guaranteed, flexible and easy packing solutions that will enable cost savings. Our package boxes are UN approved 4G fibreboard boxes that can guarantee Cold Supply Chain (-40°C / -20°C / +5°C) during transport.

They are easy to pack and unpack and do not exhibit any external ice built problems. You can save 75% on the space requirements with a 100% recyclable solution that minimizes warehouse storage space. These are flexible solution for multiple package sizes that have a lower overall cost and way superior performance when compared to common EPS boxes. 

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insulated shipping boxes


Multiple package sizes and transport temperature solutions


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Superior packaging to EPS boxes

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