Leadframes for IC Semiconductor Assembly

Cu, Ag, NiPd & PPF plated Leadframes



Caplinq provides a large variety of Leadframes for Semiconductor package assembly, ranging from Bare Copper (Cu) to Silver(Ag), NiPd (Nickel Palladium) and PPF (Nickel Palladium Gold) platings.

We can manufacture Pre plated custom leadframes for all types of packages including but not limited to QFN, PLCC, QFP, HDL, PDIP, TSOP, SOIC, SQP, DIP, TO220, FDIP, SIP and SOP. You name it, we make it. We can also explore options for thinner and higher thermal dissipation packages.By leveraging a smart and adjustable production process we can honour low volume orders for IC package manufacturers that want to experiment with new and alternative packaging approaches.

Additionally, epoxy molding compound manufacturers and companies that might want to test their Molding compounds in house can take advantage of our flexible and adjustable Pull tab adhesion leadframes. Our current range includes one of the most popular strip designs with 8 units per strip in 4 different platings. We are able to manufacture and plate your own custom designs so reach out to us for a quotation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Caplinq do PPF leadframe and Ag plated Leadframe?

Yes, we provide PPF leadframe and Ag plated leadframe depending on customer requirements.

By which method are the lead frames formed ? ( Coining or etching)

We only provide etching leadframe.

Can we get different roughness of Cu on lead frame surface?

Yes, we provide AE treatment, this is a Cu roughening technology and have been widely used in the industry for decades already.

Does caplinq have capability of doing locking holes on leadframe ?

Yes, locking hole can be done by etching.

What types of leadframe capability does caplinq have? Eg. Leadframes for D2Pak, PDFN , PSOP packages ?

We only supply etched leadframe, therefore most of our volumes are QFN, we also have a lot of QFP, SOIC, SSOP, basically standard IC leadframe.

What is the typical strip length ( Cassette size) for such leadframes by caplinq?

There is no common leadframe strip size, it depends on customer tooling, 70x250mm is kind of more common in the market.

Can Caplinq do injection molding at engineering basis to form 8x8 PDFN parts ?

No, we do not offer injection molding services.

What are the caplinq leadtimes ?

Our FAI lead time is typically 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the package. And we normally offer 100 strips FOC samples to our customers with the NRE charge.