High Purity Silica

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High Purity Silica

High purity Silica, also known as Silicon dioxide, is one of the most subtle yet prominent materials in the world. It is the main filler in a lot of products, including semiconductor molding compounds, optical fibers, coating powder but also in building materials, solar panels and high performance ceramics. The list doesn't stop here. Adhesives, cosmetics, printing inks, epoxy mold compounds; all of them use Silica in varying purities and in huge quantities. The reliability requirements of these applications have raised the need for innovative extraction processes that remove impurities and contaminants and result in quartz with SiO2 content up to 99.99%.

Different applications require different silica formulations and can accept ranging purity tolerances, always in the range of 99+%. This varying need lead us to create and promote a large portfolio of Silica sub-products such as Quartz sand, Crystalline Micro Quartz powders and Spherical / Angular Micro Quartz powders. All of them compatible with the IOTA standards and with the ability to adjust Particle density based on the customer requirements.

Within our developmental projects, we are also conducting trials to commence production of high purity low alpha spherical silica micro powders to supply the premium end of the spherical silica markets.

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Product Selector Guide

Quartz Sand
Product name Al Fe Na K Ca Mg Cr Cu U (ppb) SiO2(%)
HB3 <50 <15 <30 <20 2.0 <1 <0.10 <0.10 <0.5 ≥99.97%
HB4 <30 <5 <20 <5 <10 <1 <0.05 <0.05 <0.5 ≥99.99%
HB4S <30 <1 <1 <1 <2 <1 <0.05 <0.05 <0.5 ≥99.995%


Micro Quartz Powder
Product name Al Fe Na K Ca Mg U(ppb) Mg Mn Cr Cl- Na+ Fe2 pH EC (μS/cm) Sphericity (%) SiO2(%)
MQP-CRystalline  <50 <15 <20 <20 <15 <5 <0.5 <1 <0.1 <0.1 <1 <1 <0.1 5 ±1 ~3 - ≥99.97%
MQP-SPherical <50 <15 <20 <20 <15 <5 <0.5 <1 <0.1 <0.1 <1 <1 <0.1 5 ±1 ~3 >90% ≥99.97%
MQP-SP Fused Silica <50 <15 <20 <20 <15 <5 <0.5 <1 <0.1 <0.1 <1 <0.15 ±1~3>90% ≥99.97%

*Particle distribution can be adjusted for all products

*Fused Silica comes in two versions. Low alpha + ultra high purity and Low Al2O3 + high purity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basic characteristics of Silica sand?

Crystalline quartz sand range includes the following grades; +99.97% SiO2 (HB3), +99.99% SiO2 (HB4) and +99.995% SiO2 (HB4S)

Typical Quartz sand characteristics are:

  • High purity, with very low iron, chromium, copper and manganese
  • Low alpha ray emission
  • Calcination (or hot chlorination) can be applied to provide a lower hydroxyl content and lower alkali content.

What are the basic characteristics of Silica micro powder?

Ultra-fine crystalline silica particles have a total purity content of +99.97% SiO2

Typical Silica powder characteristics are:

  • High purity, fewer ionic impurities and low alpha ray emission
  • Particle size adjustable to customer requirements in the range of 7 µm (D50) up to 75 µm (D50)

What is Particle size distribution(PSD)?

The particle-size distribution (PSD) of a powder, or granular material, or particles dispersed in fluid, is a list of values or a mathematical function that defines the relative amount, typically by mass, of particles present according to size.

We are thoroughly analyzing our grain size distribution +0.1mm based on DIN 52098 dry sieve analysis and all the -0.1mm fractions according to DIN EN933-10 air jet sieve analysis.

What are your processing capabilities?

Constant trials and detailed process designs substantiate a low-cost scalable model for the production of high purity silica sand and powders. Capacity and throughput are based on a target scalable production of ~5,000t in year one and scaling up to ~15,000t per annum.

Flexibility embedded in the production process enables us to develop products tailored to meet end customer specifications, such as particle size distribution and purity.

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High purity Silica Applications

High purity Quartz sand

High purity Quartz sand has a SiO2 content of up to approximate 99.997% (with varying grades) and is typically used as a filler powder in Epoxy mold compounds and Copper clad laminates.

Epoxies can be silica filled for more than 80% of their weight, making the choice of very High purity silica one of the most important aspects that determines their final properties.

Quartz sand can also be used in the outer lining of crucibles, optical glass applications, cladding in fiber optic cables and in Silica glass form that is used in halogen lamp bulbs.

high purity silica quartz
high purity silica powder

Ultra-Fine crystalline quartz powder

High purity Ultra-Fine crystalline quartz powder has a SiO2 content greater than 99.97%. It is also a popular filler in epoxy mold compounds that are destined for semiconductors and in CCL (Copper clad laminates) to improve their CTE, thermal resistance and reliability.

Additionally, ultra fine quartz powder is widely used to create printing inks for PCB. The ultra-fine crystalline silica powder can bring ideal resistance to scratching and wiping, low thermal expansion coefficient, chemical resistance and long-term reliability for the circuit board.

Commonly used in Paints and coating, ultra fine crystalline silica powder can bring excellent performances, such as resistance to scratching and wiping, leveling properties, transparency and weather resistance. Other applications include adhesives (such as die attach pastes), cosmetics and also leveraging the insulative properties of silica tocreate electrical insulation parts.

ultra fine quartz power