LINQCELL GDL1500B | 1.5mm Carbon Plate

Harmonization Code : 6815.11.00.00 |   Articles of stone or of other mineral substances, not elsewhere specified or included; Non-electrical articles of graphite or other carbon; Carbon fibres and articles of carbon fibres
Main features
  • 1.5mm - 1500um - 59mil
  • Alternative to Spectracarb 6060
  • Improved compressibility

Product Description

LINQCELL GDL1500B is a graphitized carbon plate, commonly used as a gas diffusion layer and electrode for fuel cells. Its through plane resistance is less than 21 mΩcm2. The thickness is 1.5mm measured at 50 kpa.

LINQCELL GDL1500B is a close alternative to the highly popular and discontinued Spectracarb 6060. This B version retains good strength while having significantly improved compressibility over the original GDL1500 product. It can reach ~1.3mm at 2MPa.

Applications: PEM Electrolyzers, PEMFCs and PAFCs in distributed power generators

Key Features:

  • High compressibility (>0.3mm @1.5Mpa) 
  • High thermal conductivity 
  • Low electrical resistance
  • Applicable under high temperature
  • High durability and low corrosion

To understand what GDL1500B is specifically suitable for Electrolyzers.


Product Family
40 x 40 cm

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Technical Specifications

General Properties
Basis Weight
Basis Weight
Basis weight refers to the weight measured in pounds off 500 sheets of paper in that paper’s basic sheet size.
670 g/m2
Total Thickness
Total Thickness
Total thickness is taking into account all the films, coatings, adhesives, release liners and special layers and is the maximum thickness of a film or tape.
1500 μm
Electrical Properties
Through Plane Resistivity
Through Plane Resistivity
Resistance of the amount of current through a material
140 mΩcm
TP Resistance
TP Resistance
Opposition to the flow of electric current.
21 mΩcm2
Voltage loss 39 mV

Additional Information

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