LINQCELL GDL2000 | 2.0mm Carbon Plate

Harmonization Code : 6815.11.00.00 |   Articles of stone or of other mineral substances, not elsewhere specified or included; Non-electrical articles of graphite or other carbon; Carbon fibres and articles of carbon fibres
Main features
  • 2.0mm - 2000um - 78.7mil
  • Ideal for electrolyzers
  • Graphitized Carbon Plate

Product Description

LINQCELL GDL2000 is a high-performance graphitized carbon plate that can be used as a gas diffusion layer in fuel cells or porous transport layer in water electrolyzers. Its nominal thickness at 50 kPa is 2.00 (±0.1) mm.

LINQCELL GDL2000 offers low through-plane electrical resistivity and voltage loss, which are crucial for excellent electrical performance during fuel cell or water electrolysis operations. Its low compressibility ensures that it maintains its porous structure, enabling optimal material transport for chemical reactions even under compression.

This product can be graphitized at 1600°C and 2000°C. Higher graphitization results in better electrical performance and a more compressible material while significantly increasing the material cost. It is mainly recommended when resistivity is of the utmost importance. You can check our blog to find out how graphitization affects the structure and properties of carbon papers

Key Features:

Its high compressibility and porosity make it an excellent choice for optimal reactant transport to the catalyst layer, ensuring the best possible performance in various fuel cell applications. Its low electrical resistance, high thermal conductivity, and durability also make it ideal for use as a Porous Transport Layer (PTL) in PEM electrolyzers, PEMFCs, and PAFCs.

Highly Recommended for:

This highly graphitized carbon paper excels in meeting the stringent requirements of fuel cells and water electrolyzers, supporting catalysts and functional layers, facilitating gas and liquid transport, and conducting heat and electricity effectively.


Product Family
25 x 50 cm

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Technical Specifications

General Properties
Basis Weight
Basis Weight
Basis weight refers to the weight measured in pounds off 500 sheets of paper in that paper’s basic sheet size.
1302 g/m2
Density (g) 0.65 g/cm3
Total Thickness
Total Thickness
Total thickness is taking into account all the films, coatings, adhesives, release liners and special layers and is the maximum thickness of a film or tape.
2.0 μm
Electrical Properties
Through Plane Resistivity
Through Plane Resistivity
Resistance of the amount of current through a material
51.7 mΩcm
TP Resistance
TP Resistance
Opposition to the flow of electric current.
10.7 mΩcm2
Voltage loss 29.8 mV

Additional Information

LINQCELL GDL2000 Properties

Property Graphitized at 1600°C Graphitized at 2000°C Unit Test Method
Thickness @ 50 kPa 2.06 2.06 mm ASTM D645
Thickness @ 2 MPa 2.02 1.99 mm ASTM D645
Compressibility @ 100 kPa 1.94 3.40 % -
Nominal Basis weight 1282 1302 g/m2 ASTM D646
Through plane Resistance 13.39 10.7 mΩcm2 ASTM C611-98
Through plane ResistivIty 65.75 51.7 mΩcm2 ASTM C611-98
Voltage Loss 31.9 29.8 mV -


Chemical Composition

Test Items MDL [ppm] GDL2000
Iron 10 67.3
Copper 10 n.d
Chromium 10 n.d
Zinc 10 n.d.
Calcium 10 345
Aluminum 10 54.7
Sodium 10 86
Magnesium 10 44.5
Potassium 10 142
Lead 10 n.d
Nickel 10 n.d
Manganese 10 n.d
  • MDL = Method Detection Limit
  • n.d = Not detected
  • Test method: With reference to USEPA 3050b: 1996, analysis was performed by ICP-OES


Storage and Handling

  • Shelf life is more than 2 years if stored in a dry and cool, well ventilated place at room temperature.

  • Do not leave exposed to moisture and sunlight for long periods of time. 

  • Do not  throw the plate or put heavy pressure on it and the box to avoid breakage.

  • Do not apply uneven pressure on the sheet.