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Surface Treatments

Improving the Performance of Your SMT Process: Understanding Stencil Treatments

Sten­cils are a cru­cial part of the sur­face-mount tech­nol­o­gy (SMT) process, but over time, they can become dirty and less effec­tive. Sten­cil treat­ments are meth­ods used to improve the per­for­mance and pro­long the lifes­pan of sten­cils. From anti-tar­nish and anti-stick coat­ings to flux­o­pho­bic treat­ments, learn about the dif­fer­ent types of sten­cil treat­ments and how they can ben­e­fit your SMT process. Improve the print­ing process, reduce down­time, and low­er costs with the right sten­cil treatment