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CAPLINQ Introduces CHEMLINQ Mold Cleaners and Conditioners

Did you know that some of the most common molding defects can be avoided by simply cleaning and conditioning your molds properly?

With high tool­ing costs and crazy lead times, invest­ing in injec­tion molds for ther­mosets or ther­mo­plas­tics is a big com­mit­ment. So nat­u­ral­ly you want your pro­duc­tion to run smooth­ly, your molds to have as long a life-span as pos­si­ble, and for your prod­ucts to be free of defects.

CAPLINQ offers a diverse range of clean­ers and con­di­tion­ers for ther­mo­plas­tic and ther­moset molds that help you get the most out of your invest­ment. Not to be mis­tak­en with mold that caus­es weird smells and odors in your house, mold clean­ers and con­di­tion­ers are the chem­i­cals used to pre­vent mate­ri­als from bond­ing to the sur­faces. These chem­i­cals act as an obstruc­tion between the sur­faces and facil­i­tate the seam­less sep­a­ra­tion of a cured part from the mold.

Our range of CHEMLINQ prod­ucts cov­ers the com­plete clean­ing and con­di­tion­ing process for all kinds of molds, and are espe­cial­ly suit­ed for the LED and semi­con­duc­tor pack­ag­ing indus­try. Using these in com­bi­na­tion or on their own will help pre­vent mold and man­u­fac­tur­ing defects.

Use Mold Cleaners to Prevent Short Shot and Surface Delamination

Short Shot AKA Incom­plete-Fill: the incom­plete fill­ing of mold cav­i­ties, and Sur­face Delam­i­na­tion: where thin lay­ers appear that can be peeled off, can both be caused by con­t­a­m­i­na­tion. Con­t­a­m­i­na­tion can affect the flowa­bil­i­ty of the mate­r­i­al with­in the mold as well as the integri­ty of the plas­tic itself.

Our mold clean­er series clean the stains on the mold left­over from the trans­fer mold­ing process and removes any poten­tial con­t­a­m­i­na­tion. Melamine cleans the mold down to bare met­al ensur­ing noth­ing will affect the flowa­bil­i­ty or integri­ty of your mate­r­i­al. For mold clean­ing we rec­om­mend the fol­low­ing steps:

Before every pro­duc­tion run, go through the fol­low­ing steps:

  • Step 1: Do 3 to 6 shots of melamine trans­fer clean­ing with trans­fer clean­ing pellets
  • Step 2:  Do 2 to 4 shots of com­pres­sion clean­ing with melamine clean­ing com­pound or rub­ber clean­ing sheets
  • Step 3:  Do 2 to 4 shots of wax con­di­tion­ing sheets

CAPLINQ mold clean­ers include Rub­ber clean­ing sheets: RCS 100, RCS 200, Car­cino­gen-Free clean­ing sheets: RCS400 CF, and Melamine trans­fer clean­er: MCL-2000T, Melamine clean­ing com­pound: MCL-C10WT.

Use Mold Conditioners to Prevent Flash

Flash is a defect that hap­pens when molten plas­tic escapes the mold cav­i­ty and then cools to remain attached to the prod­uct. This usu­al­ly hap­pens in poor­ly main­tained molds or molds that have worn out their lifes­pan. If you have to wres­tle your ther­moset or ther­mo­plas­tic to get it out of the mold each time, then that kind of wear and tear can con­tribute to flash occurring.

Our mold con­di­tion­ers allow you to gen­tly demold your prod­uct from your molds eas­i­ly and effi­cient­ly which, in turn, increas­es the num­ber of shots for which your mold can be used for: increas­ing the over­all life-span of your mold, and so your over­all return on invest­ment. Being able to gen­tly demold your prod­ucts also decreas­es the risk of dam­aged and reject­ed parts and so max­i­mizes the effi­cien­cy of production.

We rec­om­mend that in between runs you use a mold release spray to keep the mold in good con­di­tion until the next clean­ing cycle.

CAPLINQ con­di­tion­ing sheets include wax con­di­tion­ing sheets: WS100, WS200, and Car­cino­gen-Free con­di­tion­ing sheets: WS300CF. We also pro­vide a range of Mold Release Sprays.

To learn more regard­ing epoxy mold clean­ers and epoxy mold con­di­tion­ers, vis­it us at You can also con­tact us if you have any queries regard­ing CAPLINQ’s Epoxy Mold Clean­ers and Con­di­tion­ers.

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